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The Best and Worst TV Programs of Summer 2017

No longer the domain of reruns, the summer offered viewers both diamonds and duds

From Campaign US: With less than three weeks before the official start of the new TV season on Sept. 25th, let’s take a look back at the best—and the worst—shows of the summer.

Once a breeding ground for repeats and leftovers, the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day now offer plenty of new shows. But there was a glut of dreadful non-scripted entries (a new version of “The Gong Show” hosted by Mike Myers in disguise—really?) and not enough substance amongst the scripted newbies and returnees.

Compiling the worst of the summer was more of a challenge, because there was so much more to choose from. But there were a few gems in the mix, one of which has been a summer staple now for 12 consecutive years. Fir the listing of best and worst, click here