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Bestqool Pro300 Red Light Therapy Device – A Comprehensive Review


Tackling everyday challenges and hardships is not only tiresome but also draining, resulting in body aches, tired eyes and your soul screaming for a solution. 

Similarly, with my routine involving intensive labor work, I had been in search of something that would make my aches go away instantly and would prove to be therapeutic. This is where someone introduced me to Bestqool Pro300 Red Light Therapy.

There may be tons of RLT devices available in the market, but what differentiates Bestqool Pro300 from any other device is the fact that it has been trialed and tested by if not millions but thousands.

I ordered the  Pro300 from Bestqool’s official website and have been using it for the past several months. Therefore, I’m here to keep your worries away and help you get some relief-inducing therapeutic experience! Here are my two cents to help you derive a perspective on it could be a solution for you.

An overview of Bestqool Pro300

The Bestqool Redot Pro300  is a very impressive red light panel that can help increase collagen, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and support full-body muscle recovery. Isn’t that great? 

Pro300 is a super powerful RLT panel that works great to treat not just a part of your body, but rather the entirety of it. All while you’re in your comfort zone! I prefer hanging it on my door, and sometimes attaching it to an adjustable mobile stand to maximize its use conveniently.

Specifications Benefits
500 Power Consumption An improved and smoother efficiency
300 LEDs Increased and effective coverage
4 wavelengths (Red 630nm, 660nm and Near Infra-red 850nm, 940nm) Wide range of benefits 
Irradiance: 91mw/cm2 Helps give results in a shorter period of time 
Length: 35.82” x Width 13.40” Larger treatment areas

Key Features

Bestqool’s Pro300 is an applaudable product that is equipped with amazing features that fully commit to providing an effective and efficient Red Light Therapy experience. These are the key features of the panel and how they might benefit you: 

  • Dual Chip LEDs: Usage of dual-chip LEDs helps deliver and maintain a consistent intensity of light. 
  • Red and Near Infra-red Light: Inclusion of both lights maximizes efficiency as red light targets pain and inflammation on the skin’s surface whereas Near infra-red light penetrates deeper into the skin, promoting cell and tissue regeneration. 
  • Digital Control Panel: A user-friendly interface helps with the easy selection of modes, intensities, timers, etc.
  • Optional and necessary accessories: Comes with multiple accessories including eye wear for safety and protection. 
  • 2-year warranty: Gives buyers a sense of protection and assurance that the product is of good quality.
  • Spliceable design: Assists in easily connecting the two Pro300s together and pair them with the mobile stand via the connectors under simple instructions. This enlarges your treatment areas and meet your diverse needs at home.

User Experience with the Bestqool Pro300

Purchase and delivery was extremely convenient as their website provided complete instructions and the delivery was super prompt, taking only 5 days. It is also available on Amazon.

What I Recieved in Box?

In my package, along with the Pro300 panel, I received: 

  • Power Cord
  • Door Hook
  • Goggles 
  • Adjustable Rope 
  • Braided Steel Cables 
  • Splicing sheet 
  • Screw
  • User Manual

Setting Up and Operating Device

It was a piece of cake to set up the Pro300. All it took was plugging it in, switching on the power button, adjusting the intensities and setting up the timer. As per their manual, we can use it for 20-40 minutes everyday. 

Keeping it clean was no hassle, and the warmth emitted from the Red light was very comforting and relaxing. However, it’s possible that unintentional overconsumption may occur. Hence, discussing how frequently you can use it with a health practitioner is important. 

My Experience with Bestqool Pro300

As per my personal experience, I loved the fact that because of the Pro300 RLT device, I instantly felt rejuvenated and noticed a huge reduction in the pain I was once experiencing throughout my body. All my injuries and wounds were healing in a significantly lower time and my joint pains due to intensive labor were decreasing with each passing day. Plus, it was super easy to use due to its digital panel, which made me happier because I am not tech-savvy. 

What Did I like the most?

The best part is Bestqool’s Pro300 came with a certification from a third-party testing and is a medically approved device. It also includes safety features like timers and heat dissipation and its spliceable design makes it convenient to hang it on the door through a hook or place it upright on the floor. 

What needs to be improved?

However, what it lacks is aesthetic packaging and design which can do wonders to its look and feel. I also feel it should have an app to control settings more conveniently. The user manual is a little small that I loose it frequently.

Safety, Reliability and Recommendations

  • There is no chance of overheating as it has a system for heat regulation and dissipation.
  • Tried and tested by authentic third-party party sources like LightLab International ALLentown, LLC, a reputable Lab in the US. 
  • The 2-year long warranty along with an additional year upon registering, speaks for itself and gives confidence to the user that nothing would go wrong. 
  • The built-in timer system ensures that no overexposure to light therapy occurs. 
  • The goggles provided allow for protection from any direct eye contact with the light source. 


Overall, the Bestqool Redot Pro300  proves to be a reliable and efficient red light therapy device. However, the efficacy depends on your issue and the circumstance at hand. Pro300’s features, ease of use, effectiveness and affordability make it one of the best choices in the current market. It is not only medically approved but is also a safe and secure Red Light Therapy device. 

I’d say Pro300 per se is the perfect device that will surely be your companion if you have health concerns like injuries, skin rejuvenation or body aches and are looking for something to help you relax and rewind.