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Betting Bonus

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Most online bookies offer betting bonuses to punters as a common practice. The bonuses help attract punters and stay afloat in the increasingly competitive betting industry. In other words, bonuses are essential to marketing for online betting providers. Bonuses vary in type, amount, and requirements, among other things. Below is a highlight of some of the most common betting bonuses.

Signup Bonuses

A signup bonus is offered to punters joining a betting platform for the first time after completing the signup process. Most betting sites require punters to make an initial deposit before qualifying for the bonus. In such cases, the bonus amount while  is typically offered as a percentage of the initial deposit, but with a maximum possible amount set. In some cases, the signup bonus is not pegged on deposit requirements. However, such usually have more demanding wagering requirements.

Cash-Back Bonuses

Cash-back bonuses are among punters’ most preferred bonus types as they offer some form of reassurance when betting. With such bonus offers, punters get a percentage of the money they wager back if they lose the wager. Punters betting online thus do not have to worry about depositing more funds to continue betting. However, most bookies typically offer cash-back bonuses as free bets. That means punters cannot withdraw the bonuses and can only use the bonuses to place other bets.

Free Bet Bonuses

Free bet bonuses allow punters to place bets and potentially win real money without any risk of losing money. Free bet bonuses are often offered to existing punters after they meet a specified set of conditions, such as posting on their social media accounts. However, these bonuses typically have high wagering conditions than other bonus types.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are offered only to existing special punters who are considered loyal to the particular sportsbook offering the bonuses. In addition, online betting providers provide loyalty bonuses to help retain their customers. Bettors can get loyalty bonuses by accruing loyalty points every time they place bets. They can then redeem the points earned for loyalty bonuses.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses are those offered to punters who make large deposits and wager high amounts of money. The bonus is usually offered as a percentage of the sum deposited, provided the amount is more than a specified limit. In most online betting sites, the percentage usually increases as the amount deposited increases. Punters who qualify for high roller bonuses are also typically invited to the VIP clubs, which come with various other bonus offers.