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Betting on March Madness for Newbies

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament is one of the key sporting events of the year. Sixty-eight college basketball teams are vying for the top spot in the country, and the journey to the semifinals is filled with excitement. In previous years, viewers have seen better teams get beaten and top-notch finishes in the final games.

There are four New Jersey colleges competing in this year’s NCAA tournament. They are Seton Hall, Princeton, Saint Peter’s, and Rutgers. Betting on your favorite New Jersey team is relatively easy. You can find an NJ sportsbook deposit bonus to add some fun and excitement to the games you watch.

This article will provide information on common bet types and betting guidelines for March Madness. 

Common Bet Types for March Madness

Here are common bet types for March Madness:

  • Futures Bets

Futures bets are wagers that get completed as a future event. While other bettors bet on the outcome of games and get their winnings instantly, futures bets could be on the eventual winner of the Championship. The bet could also be on a team that’ll make the last four.

Players can only cash in on these bets when multiple games have been played. Futures bets are available for an extended period as March Madness progresses.

  • Prop Bets

These are March madness bets types that don’t focus on the outcome of games. Instead, they center on an individual’s performance or a team’s statistics. For instance, you can bet on the total amount of 3-pointers scored in the game.

  • First to 15

As the name suggests, you can bet on the first team to reach 15 points. When you look at it, the better teams don’t always get to 15 points first!

Betting on first to 15 events is one of the best ways to enjoy a game when you’re watching it live.

Betting Guidelines for March Madness

Here are some betting guidelines for March Madness:

  • Focus on Experienced Teams and Coaches

A college’s team experience is key to triumph during March Madness games. If you watch the games closely, you’ll find out that the same coaches and teams almost always get past the first weekend. Understanding how to balance lineups is one of the keys to winning games.

  • Check out for Special Underdog Teams

It would help if you looked out for underdog teams with exceptional players. Betting on these teams gives higher returns since even the oddsmakers don’t expect them to win. You need to watch out for the teams in form when March Madness begins.


March Madness is one event that basketball lovers anticipate watching. The changes in tempo and the upsets work together to build the eagerness of the fans who watch the event en masse. Newbies looking to bet on the games can make pop bets, futures bets, and first to 15 bets.

Looking out for experienced teams and special underdog teams to bet on can also improve your chances of winning wagers.