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Betting on the Premier League

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Betting on Premier League matches appears easy because it is often the most publicized competition. Many punters know all the teams, players in the division, and statistics are often readily available. However, this seemingly easy practice is complex because it is often clouded by emotion caused by team fanship.

Some punters may ignore tips offered by reputable sites like betsidoronline simply because they do not favor the team that they support. However, it is always important to remember that your emotions have zero bearing on the outcome of matches.

Instead, always go for smart practices that give you an edge when betting on the division.

Stats are King

Although games occasionally go against expectations, statistics are the most accurate tool in predicting premier league outcomes. Head-to-head records, current form, fitness/availability of key players, weather conditions, and other similar factors determine how games pan out.

That said, avoid stats that are padded by pundits. This is because such people always pick the stats that drive the agenda that they want to advance and ignore others. You may have noted that people who usually win bets are usually unknowns, not the ‘experts.’ This is because such people take time to analyze stats without emotion.

Be Moderate with Odds-stacking

Accumulator bets are good to look at on paper, but always remember their returns are inversely proportional to their chances of occurring. Many people lazily stack odds off all ‘big’ teams playing against weaker opposition. At the end of each match week, there are always tears stemming from one ‘big’ team that spoils an accumulator bet.

Instead, opt for several accumulator bets with fewer teams. Alternatively, bet a small amount whenever you place a huge accumulator bet.

Take Risky Bets; Stake Low

Besides winning, the purpose of Premier League betting is to add a thrill to the season experience. For instance, one punter made the English Premier League even more exciting as Leicester City won the league in 2015/16. As the Foxes trotted to an unexpected triumph, a lot of excitement was drawn to the daring bet that had backed them to win the championship.

Use Betting Sites that Spice Things Up

The conventional bet is made before kick-off and determined at the final whistle. For even greater excitement, go for sites that spice the session with features like in-play betting and cash-out options. This way, you can make numerous bets as the game progresses and pull out when you feel like your fingers are getting burned.