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Beyond the Profits: Steps to Getting the Best Cricket Betting Odds

There’s no doubt that one of the best feelings in the gambling industry is strongly related to cash and profit earnings. For many, this may be the entire aim of the practice, but for many others, more hidden joys lie within the industry. This may be more true now than ever. Casino revenues have already noticeably spiked, creating one of the most exciting times for gambling providers and users. While football might still hold the betting championship in the UK and Europe, it is cricket that is favoured in other countries like India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

However, punters cheat themselves of the chance at earnings because their cricket predictions focus on wrong things. The news is awash with the latest on this new batsman being drafted, or the pitch favouring this spinner. All that is good to know, but if you want to bet on the best cricket odds, you need to understand value. Grasping this one concept will change your entire approach to sports betting. 

Online vs land-based bookies

A press release by Zion Market Research in mid-September, 2018, has revealed that the global online gambling and betting market brought in USD 45.8 billion in returns in 2017 and is predicted to reach USD 94.4 billion by the year 2024. This statement of potential future growth makes the popularity of online markets extremely clear. Google trends also show that online cricket betting sites are not only growing in numbers, but also prestige. Lists of sports betting platforms are being sought after, especially those containing reliable providers. 

This form of betting may hold an array of benefits, but land-based casinos retain their endless advantages and aspects of enjoyment. Both forms of gambling may offer the pleasures of escaping reality, experiencing victories of all sizes and an enhanced feeling of control, land-based casinos have one additional advantage: social interaction. However, in most instances, novice punters might also pick up some unwanted or incorrect advice, making them easy prey to the belief that loss is associated with gaining experience. However, this thinking is hardly beneficial or even true. 

Online bookie vetting

Like any purchase, finding a suitable betting platform requires awareness and due diligence. Betting discord arises from the lack of vetting on the players part. Not every online bookie is going to be a one-size fit all platform. The same goes for the odds and payouts, not to mention the welcome bonuses. But, before you are tempted and lured in by the various betting offers, you have to check one of the most important vetting aspects – where is the casino or sportsbook licensed? Regulated sportsbooks tend to offer better customer service and might even have an informative blog. It also ensures that you are getting better odds on cricket or any other sports bets. If this seems too tedious, then using a reputable comparison site is a faster way of achieving this. 

Know the basics

There is no point even considering cricket betting if are still baffled by the jargon. Know what the terminology means so that you can make the best betting decisions. Here are some things to know.

What are value bets?

Too many times players get carried away with the huge figures on betting accumulators, they neglect to see what online betting odds are. These represent the probability of something happening. So, odds may be cricket predictions on the likelihood of team A winning against team B or a batsman hitting a half-century. In sports betting, value bets arise when there is a difference between online betting odds and the true odds. Identifying true odds may be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you are set for a great iGaming betting experience.

Identifying the primal options 

Coming up with true odds is a torrid task. It is not something you master sitting at home thinking about the next ODI. Luckily, there are betting exchanges where you find such figures. Choose the ones with the greatest variance from the bookmakers’. Over time, you realise that placing bets on only the best cricket odds will improve your chance of winning. It’s better than loading odds in betting accumulators and hoping for the best.