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‘Big Brother 20’ Power Rankings for Week 7: Gearing Up for ‘Stupid Blindside’

Spoiler Warning: The following article details some of the events of the past week that either have not been showcased on past CBS episodes or may air in a future CBS episode.

Last week, it was made official – Bayleigh’s eviction began the jury phase for the season. This week, the greatness of “Big Brother 20” continues as we’re headed for another blindside. But in the same vain as John Oliver’s moniker of “Stupid Watergate” when relaying the scandalous happenings in today’s politics on “Last Week Tonight”, I’d describe this eviction as “Stupid Blindside” for how many weeks can Haleigh, Faysal, Scottie and Rockstar get figuratively bopped on the head to realize they’re still on the short end of the game? If not this week, when Rockstar is expected to depart, then they may never realize it!

While I’m expecting a 5-1 vote to evict Rockstar (Faysal’s vote canceled by hacker Kaycee and Scottie being the unfortunate lone vote to keep Rockstar), let’s analyze two fantasy scenarios on how the vote might go to manipulate future behaviors.

Whether he knows it or not, Brett’s actually in the best voting spot this week for he could actually vote out Kaycee (an action that seems improbable as she has been his ally from the start) and escape unscathed. That stray vote could be easily pinned on JC, someone who hasn’t yet been discussed as a major target by most houseguests, but is unabashedly close with non-Level 4 member Faysal. Obviously, Brett putting JC in a tougher spot is highly unlikely for JC has practically been a loyal voter with him all year long.

JC could vote out Kaycee as well but he’d need the cover of the unpredictable Sam to also evict Kaycee in order to make it happen. While JC would incur the wrath of Tyler, Angela and Brett, he could further depend on Faysal for protection — of course, with Kaycee gone, there’d be one less from the original Level 6 alliance to go after JC in that scenario, and there would still be bigger fish (e.g. Haleigh, Faysal) to go after.

If Brett AND JC vote to evict Kaycee, Brett could further explore his newfound partnership with Haleigh (much to the chagrin of Faysal) and JC would bond more strongly with Faysal. The new dynamics would not be as secure for them as they are currently, but challenge-dud Rockstar would remain and Tyler and Angela would certainly experience the unfamiliar position of ranking at the bottom of the house.

But again, back to reality: Rockstar is going to jury, despite a poor record in challenges and sitting next to a football player who had won a challenge just days prior. This is the result of being in an alliance that was shaky from the start, thanks to Swaggy C, Kaitlyn and Bayleigh.

In addition to the power rankings, I’ll be including each houseguest’s chances to win the top prizes of $500,000 and $50,000, from a scale of 1:1 (best) to 10:1 (worst)…

With the seventh eviction on perennial CBS summer favorite “Big Brother 20” coming tonight, here is the scoop (thru August 16 which is Day #58 in the house) on the remaining 10 houseguests:

1. JC Monduix
Odds to win $500,000: 4:1
Odds to win $50,000: 4:1

JC has earned safety all summer long voting alongside Level 4 each week (except for the rogue Rockstar vote during Kaitlyn’s eviction). He’s also closest with Faysal, even though they’ve mostly voted the opposite way this year. JC’s unique position in the house has made him a non-threat on the surface but a formidable force behind the scenes, being a key vote in the weeks to come as the house continues to whittle down one-by-one.

2. Brett Robinson
Odds to win $500,000: 5:1
Odds to win $50,000: 4:1

Even after his over-the-top speeches to the house in the living room this season, Brett continues to thrive thanks to his charm, charisma, and of course, his close ties to Level 4. He managed to convince Haleigh he’s a “lone wolf” and to Rockstar (the one who most famously attacked him live on-air after he falsely openly claimed she tried setting up a ruse at a past vote) that he’d be willing to work with her.

But as noted in his goodbye message to Bayleigh, as well as his demeanor in many of his Diary Room sessions, Brett’s hubris and douchebaggery may be his downfall in achieving the ultimate $500,000 prize.

3. Tyler Crispen
Odds to win $500,000: 5:1
Odds to win $50,000: 3:1

Another week, another challenge victory for Mr. Crispen. A much-needed win for him as he was about to be named as a replacement nominee by Haleigh this week. Yet, it’s also an added part of his game resumé that may lead another (or others) to eventually boot him from the house. Tyler has escaped danger thus far and has still can use his secret power in a future week, but in the long term, it’s to the point where Tyler would have to win all of the available challenges set in front of him if he wants to earn a spot in the Final 2.

4. Kaycee Clark
Odds to win $500,000: 4:1
Odds to win $50,000: 4:1

The practically-invisible Kaycee sort of came to focus this past week, winning the Hacker competition and disrupting Haleigh’s Head of Household intentions. A minor tiff with fellow eviction nominee Rockstar prior to the picking of veto players on Saturday won’t affect Kaycee’s eventual fade back into the background. She’ll continue to be overlooked.

5. Angela Rummans
Odds to win $500,000: 5:1
Odds to win $50,000: 4:1

Being part of the wise and cohesive Level 6 alliance has served Angela well thus far. Her closeness to Tyler may keep her safe for the time being but being perceived as entitled and bitchy by others (namely Haleigh and Rockstar), she has been frequently mentioned as a target. Even Sam has not minded the thought of evicting her, after finding out Angela has been belittling her behind her back.

6. Sam Bledsoe
Odds to win $500,000: 7:1
Odds to win $50,000: 7:1

The recent weeks haven’t been too kind for Sam’s mental state. Perhaps being cooped up in the house has taken a toll on the person who has obviously not been familiar with the inner workings and setup of “Big Brother”. She lost a good chunk of favor from Level 4 being the lone vote last week to evict Rockstar, and has since been seen in the uncomfortable and dangerous position of an unpredictable floater. She’s far from being the house’s top target but Sam herself may be her own worst enemy in ultimately getting herself evicted if her mood won’t improve.

7. Scottie Salton
Odds to win $500,000: 5:1
Odds to win $50,000: 5:1

Scottie teetered on switching to the Level 4 gang last week, but a Haleigh HOH — and his fondness for her — led him right back to the other side of the house. He’ll soon discover this was a poor decision in the short term as they’ll be again on the short end of an eviction vote.

8. Faysal Shafaat
Odds to win $500,000: 10:1
Odds to win $50,000: 8:1

We can certainly label Faysal as a determined person. Unfortunately for him and his game, that determination has been squarely focused on smooching Haleigh in her Head of Household Room this past week (of which he was successful).

He continues to be clueless within the game and was told by his good buddy JC that he could never work with the Haleigh/Scottie/Bayleigh side of the house because it is a “mess.” Despite being on the short end of almost every eviction vote this season, Faysal is still unaware he’s on a sinking ship. We’ll see if a Rockstar eviction will finally convince him otherwise.

9. Haleigh Broucher
Odds to win $500,000: 8:1
Odds to win $50,000: 6:1

If there was one silver lining to her Head of Household reign this week, it was that Haleigh was ineligible to be placed on the chopping block. One week after she had the foolish idea of openly exposing herself as the hacker, she was (and currently is) seen as Level 4’s biggest target. In an ironic twist, it will be this week’s hacker (Kaycee) to disrupt Haleigh’s HOH stint, as it is expected that Rockstar will leave.

Making matters worse is she believes that: Brett is in her back pocket, JC will vote how Faysal desires, and Rockstar has more than enough votes to stay. And thanks to spirits putting her in an inebriated state, Haleigh revealed too much game information to supposed rival Tyler.

If Faysal or Scottie do not emerge victorious as the next Head of Household, Haleigh will certainly be nominated for eviction.

10. Angie “Rockstar” Lantry
Odds to win $500,000: 10:1
Odds to win $50,000: 10:1

While Rockstar has been dreadful in this season’s challenges thus far, she came oh-so-close to winning this past week’s Power of Veto challenge. That is, until she indicated to Tyler that he possessed an incorrect answer, leading him to discover the correct one, which eliminated Rockstar’s friend Haleigh from the round. Then, in the final head-to-head round, Rockstar beats Tyler to the top of the OTEV mountain only to find out she found the wrong answer, giving Tyler (who got it correct) the veto win. Rockstar helping Tyler goes down as one of the most boneheaded mistakes in Big Brother history and she will pay for it by shipping off to the jury house this week.

Note: Rankings reflect players’ current game positions; not the author’s personal preference.