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‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Houseguest Odds for Week 3: Bygone Girl

Spoiler Warning: The following article details some of the events of the past week that either have not been showcased on past CBS episodes or may air in a future Global TV episode.

Rob Has a Podcast’s Bobby Goodsby brings the scoop (Aug. 20-27, 2020; Days 16-23 in the house)

In a week that has been highly predictable and rather boring to watch, there are cracks starting to form inside the majority alliance in the “Big Brother All-Stars” house. Janelle and Kaysar (or in short, “Jaysar”) will finally be torn a part but can the remaining houseguest make inroads and a deep run at this thing? Only time will tell.

Odds to win $500,000

1. 10:1 — Tyler Crispen (last week: 10:1; rank: 1st of 15)
2. 12:1 — Cody Calafiore (last week: 18:1; rank: 4th of 15)
3. 15:1 — Nicole Franzel (last week: 15:1; rank: 2nd of 15)
4. 20:1 — Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo (last week: 20:1; rank: 5th of 15)
5. 20:1 — Christmas Abbott (last week: 30:1; rank: 8th of 15)
6. 25:1 — Dani Briones (last week: 18:1; rank: 3rd of 15)
7. 30:1 — Ian Terry (last week: 25:1; rank: 6th of 15)
8. 30:1 — Bayleigh Williams (last week: 30:1; rank: 7th of 15)
9. 35:1 — Robert “Memphis” Garrett (last week: 40:1; rank: 10th of 15)
10. 40:1 — Kevin Campbell (last week: 65:1; rank: 14th of 15)
11. 50:1 — Kaysar Ridha (last week: 50:1; rank: T-11th of 15)
12. 55:1 — David Alexander (last week: 60:1; rank: 13th of 15)
13. 55:1 — Da’Vonne Rogers (last week: 40:1; rank: 9th of 15)
14. 75:1 — Janelle Pierzina DeSanto (last week: 50:1; rank: T-11th of 15)

Odds to make jury

1. 5:1 — Tyler Crispen (last week: 7:2; rank: 1st of 15)
2. 5:1 — Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo (last week: 5:1; rank: 2nd of 15)
3. 8:1 — Cody Calafiore (last week: 20:1; rank: 8th of 15)
4. 10:1 — Nicole Franzel (last week: 10:1; rank: 3rd of 15)
5. 10:1 — Christmas Abbott (last week: 20:1; rank: 10th of 15)
6. 15:1 — Dani Briones (last week: 15:1; rank: 4th of 15)
7. 18:1 — Ian Terry (last week: 20:1; rank: 9th of 15)
8. 18:1 — Kevin Campbell (last week: 15:1; rank: 6th of 15)
9. 20:1 — Bayleigh Williams (last week: 15:1; rank: 5th of 15)
10. 20:1 — Robert “Memphis” Garrett (last week: 25:1; rank: 12th of 15)
11. 25:1 — David Alexander (last week: 15:1; rank: 7th of 15)
12. 50:1 — Kaysar Ridha (last week: 35:1; rank: T-13th of 15)
13. 50:1 — Da’Vonne Rogers (last week: 20:1; rank: 11th of 15)
14. 75:1 — Janelle Pierzina DeSanto (last week: 35:1; rank: T-13th of 15)

Tyler being the Head of Household in a week that seems like a slam dunk, with almost the entire house in the anti-Jaysar camp, should not negatively affect his game, at least in the short term. He’ll at least make jury with many people there who want to work with him

But even Tyler himself expressed some doubt about his targeting of Janelle; he wondered if removing her would increase the target size upon him. The one houseguest who’d most want to seize on the opportunity to put him in the crosshairs is Dani, who clearly acknowledges his high threat level and was doing whatever she could to throw out his name to other houseguests.

Before Dani could accelerate Tyler’s downfall, David unintentionally beat her to the punch. On Aug. 25, he made the baffling decision to reveal to Da’Vonne that Cody and Tyler had informed him she was rallying votes against him when he had been nominated (of course, she wound up evicting Nicole Anthony instead). Then, David admitted to Tyler what he exposed, which devastated Tyler, who eyes Da’Vonne and Bayleigh as potential loyalists for him in his plot to overthrow Cody and co. in the future. The next day, Tyler patched things up with the girls by placing plausible blame upon Kaysar, but the narrow escape made him think twice about trusting in David and will cause Tyler to explore other options for his army.

It was a week that featured second challenge victories for Cody (at the Power of Veto) and Enzo (at the Safety Suite). Perhaps the house has its blinders as they targeted Janelle, but these two guys, despite not needing to win these challenges, still remain among the top dogs. Quite surprising to see how well insulated they are, but that’s in large part to Cody’s great social game and Enzo’s sense of humor.

Even the beneficiary of Enzo’s Safety Suite win Christmas is doing very well by playing the under-the-radar game, akin to BB20 Kaycee at similar points in their respective seasons. (Wouldn’t it be a parallel universe if she too beats Tyler in a jury vote?)

Also well insulated (but frustratingly so) is Nicole Franzel, finally the lone remaining houseguest with “Nicole” for a first name. She’s closest with Dani and Cody, and with her biggest nemesis Janelle out of the way, she can go very far. Even if a Cody/Dani vs. Tyler civil war were to occur, Nicole might skate by in the crossfire, perhaps turning into “Snake-cole” by joining with Tyler just to save herself. You knew the week was practically on autopilot when one of its biggest controversies involved her getting insulted by Bayleigh’s joke about her BB18 win, stating “it took [her] a couple tries, and a couple guys.” Ever since, Nicole has been fixated on the idea of a Bayleigh eviction. It would be a shocking development if Nicole were not petty.

Lastly, there is the legend that is Janelle. She was just inches away from becoming Head of Household this past week. She had a chance to set the game on a wildly different path. But it was not to be.

It’s bittersweet to see Janelle leave our screens this soon but most of us shall treasure the time we had in watching her again. She’ll always be the player to finish in third place in back-to-back seasons and the only houseguest to have ever evicted the “Big Brother” king, Dr. Will Kirby.

This season did not go well for Janelle. Nor did her BB14 stint. But it does not take away from her being an epitome of the original style of “Big Brother” game play: unafraid to go to battle against an opposing faction, possessing a fierce loyalty to her allies (along with a strong anti sentiment for her nemeses), and a consistently fervent motivation to go for the gusto in every challenge.