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‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Houseguest Odds for Week 4: Third Time’s Not the Charm (But Valiant Nonetheless)

Spoiler Warning: The following article details some of the events of the past week that either have not been showcased on past CBS episodes or may air in a future Global TV episode.

Rob Has a Podcast’s Bobby Goodsby brings the scoop (Aug. 27-Sep. 3, 2020; Days 23-30 in the house)

In a week that saw a near-Kaysar HOH that would have made the house implode on “Big Brother All-Stars” instead resulted in Enzo winning his first-ever HOH. Enzo has now made it a trifecta with wins in the Safety Suite comp, Veto, and HOH. Will this affect his odds? How will it affect the other houseguests odds? It’s time to break it all down!

Odds to win $500,000

1. 7:1 — Tyler Crispen (last week: 10:1; rank: 1st of 14)
2. 10:1 — Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo (last week: 20:1; rank: 4th of 14)
3. 15:1 — Cody Calafiore (last week: 12:1; rank: 2nd of 14)
4. 20:1 — Christmas Abbott (last week: 20:1; rank: 5th of 14)
5. 20:1 — Nicole Franzel (last week: 15:1; rank: 3rd of 14)
6. 25:1 — Bayleigh Williams (last week: 30:1; rank: 8th of 14)
7. 30:1 — Robert “Memphis” Garrett (last week: 35:1; rank: 9th of 14)
8. 30:1 — Ian Terry (last week: 30:1; rank: 7th of 14)
9. 35:1 — Kevin Campbell (last week: 40:1; rank: 10th of 14)
10. 40:1 — Da’Vonne Rogers (last week: 55:1; rank: 13th of 14)
11. 50:1 — David Alexander (last week: 55:1; rank: 12th of 14)
12. 50:1 — Dani Briones (last week: 25:1; rank: 6th of 14)
13. 75:1 — Kaysar Ridha (last week: 50:1; rank: 11th of 14)

Odds to make jury

1. 2:1 — Enzo “Meow Meow” Palumbo (last week: 5:1; rank: 2nd of 14)
2. 5:1 — Tyler Crispen (last week: 5:1; rank: 1st of 14)
3. 8:1 — Christmas Abbott (last week: 10:1; rank: 5th of 14)
4. 10:1 — Cody Calafiore (last week: 8:1; rank: 3rd of 14)
5. 12:1 — Robert “Memphis” Garrett (last week: 20:1; rank: 10th of 14)
6. 15:1 — Nicole Franzel (last week: 10:1; rank: 4th of 14)
7. 15:1 — Bayleigh Williams (last week: 20:1; rank: 9th of 14)
8. 15:1 — Kevin Campbell (last week: 18:1; rank: 8th of 14)
9. 15:1 — David Alexander (last week: 25:1; rank: 11th of 14)
10. 18:1 — Ian Terry (last week: 18:1; rank: 7th of 14)
11. 20:1 — Da’Vonne Rogers (last week: 50:1; rank: 13th of 14)
12. 60:1 — Dani Briones (last week: 15:1; rank: 6th of 14)
13. 75:1 — Kaysar Ridha (last week: 50:1; rank: 12th of 14)

What this past week has shown, Enzo is setting forth on the path most advantageous to him: that is, winning necessary competitions and gaining some power in order to show the house he can be taken seriously as someone who can win. And he’s doing it while no one targeting him; he sides with the majority alliance that includes bigger targets in front of him.

Enzo’s HOH reign was a success, but it slightly has the feel of a missed opportunity. Without the since-evicted Janelle, Kaysar was by his lonesome and ready to work with anyone who’d accept to play alongside him. Yet, the momentum was there for Enzo to put up Dani as a replacement nominee after Kevin saved himself by winning the veto. Enzo instead took the easy way out. Not getting any blood on your hands can be a smart move but not necessarily the right move.

Unexpectedly assisting Enzo, letting him off the hook this past week was Christmas. There are hardly any proponents out there for someone volunteering for the block. As the old saying goes, “pawns go home.” But she is so well insulated that in this distinct case, the move was wise. Christmas used it to establish a closer bond with Enzo, and in turn, he now definitely sees her as a (insert Christmas’ son’s name here… “Loyal”, in case you did not know) ally going forward. She has yet to possess as big win equity as a few others but her position is currently on a positive trajectory. If Christmas were to earn some power herself, that would firmly cement her foothold in the house. We’ll be hearing much more of those jingle-bell sounds in episodes this season.

As for Christmas’ closest confidant Tyler, he is, by far, in the game’s best position. He has recently turned his target sights onto Dani after he discovered she openly mentioned their “Slick Six” alliance in front of Nicole. Tyler, the leader of this rebellion, managed to turn almost the entire house (except for Nicole) against her. Also having contributed to this mistrust was just prior to catching Dani’s nonchalant “Slick Six” mention, Nicole had told Tyler that she would never go after Da’Vonne just as “you would never go after Bayleigh” — Tyler never expressed that desire to Nicole before which led him to deduce that Dani was the culprit in relaying that info to Nicole. The fruits of championing that anti-Dani sentiment came in the form of Enzo swaying closer to Tyler as opposed to his “The Root” ally Cody, who tried unsuccessfully to “win” Enzo back by divulging the “Slick Six” to him (to which Enzo seemed displeased upon hearing this news).

Oh, how the once-mighty game of Dani has fallen. Aside from her aforementioned miscues Tyler had pounced on, she made the grave mishandling of her hinky vote for Kaysar at the eviction of Janelle, as the CBS edit did a superb job in highlighting. Dani openly hinted to Cody that she would cast that hinky vote and yet, she still had the audacity to lie about not doing so, even to her closest alliance members who saw right through her.

It was yet another example of Dani playing too hard. She aggressively pushes her agenda even when people aren’t convinced, regardless of others’ concerns. It’s often said Big Brother is a marathon, not a sprint and if you push too hard, it can leave you on the outs. This is what is happening to Dani. Her reaffirming her detrimental status to her alliances has been a captivating watch on the feeds. Big Brother is at its best when houseguests’ games start to crumble when they are in the majority or when someone puts their foot in their mouth — both were present in this situation. The wagons are circling for Dani and can only find a reprieve if Nicole or of course herself win some power soon. It’s certainly possible Dani can make some inroads with people and regain their trust, but it might already be too little, too late.

Last but not least, a tribute to the Big Brother career of Kaysar. While he was never able to make his mark in this house, he still played just as aggressive as we remembered him from the original All Stars season. For that, we can all be thankful. As said by many folks on Rob Has A Podcast, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened.”

None of us ever thought we would be able to see Kaysar play again because so much time had passed since he last appeared. But lucky for us, he did. It is not the game result we wanted but the past four weeks showed he still had the strategic chops after all this time. If this is the end of Kaysar’s run on Big Brother, then let’s be grateful we had the opportunity to watch him give it one more go.

Just like Janelle one week prior, Kaysar came oh-so-close to winning HOH over Enzo. Almost anyone else as HOH would have taken their shot elsewhere and he would have had an opportunity to make a deep run. But it just wasn’t meant to be.

Kaysar tried to make moves but the others just weren’t as receptive as he needed them to be. This is probably the end of the road for one of our all-time favorites and for that, we shall state…

Thank You, Kaysar.

That concludes week no. 4 in the Big Brother house and while the game has been slow up to this point, it is rising up to a boil for the final stretch. Will Dani finally sit on the block? Will she win her first bit of power to control her destiny? Will someone else present themselves as a bigger target? Who knows what will happen from here but I’m excited to see it unfold. Check back next week to see my odds and to see how it all plays out.