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‘Big Brother Canada 8’ Houseguest Odds for Week 2: An Evictor Becomes the Evicted?

Spoiler Warning: The following article details some of the events of the past week that either have not been showcased on past Global TV episodes or may air in a future Global TV episode.

With the first eviction (and second ouster) on perennial Global TV spring favorite “Big Brother Canada 8” arriving Thursday, Rob Has a Podcast’s Bobby Goodsby brings the scoop (Mar. 5-12, 2020; Days 6-13 in the house) along with Vegas-style odds on each of the remaining 15 houseguests:

1. Sheldon Jean

Odds to win $100,000: 8:1
Odds to make jury: 6:1
Strongest game player in the game. He has strong ties in this house with multiple people and is playing well. However, if he loses Kyle in the coming weeks or finds himself on the wrong side of the numbers, then we really will be able to see how strong his game truly is. Sheldon is my winner pick.

2. Brooke Warnock

Odds to win $100,000: 15:1
Odds to make jury: 8:1
Playing a strong game with a strong alliance. Even though she is currently on the block, it’s still looking good for her at this point. Lots of game left but if she survives this week, I believe she will go very far.

3. Vanessa Clements

Odds to win $100,000: 18:1
Odds to make jury: 15:1
Playing multiple sides of the house and playing the middle (even though she doesn’t believe she is). If she doesn’t get caught, she can go very far. My dark horse candidate to win.

4. Carol Rosher

Odds to win $100,000: 25:1
Odds to make jury: 15:1
Playing a good game. I really hope she doesn’t end up quitting. She has been tempted with leaving this past weekend. I truly believe she can be a strong player down the road this season.

5. Hira Deol

Odds to win $100,000: 50:1
Odds to make jury: 10:1
Similar to Angie, I feel like he could be a final-two goat. He is a lock for jury, unless something crazy happens. He is well-liked but everyone in the house knows he is a floater.

6. John Luke Kieper

Odds to win $100,000: 50:1
Odds to make jury: 20:1
Although he isn’t a great game player and is very naive, I still think he isn’t in any immediate danger. Could easily make jury.

7. Susanne Fuda

Odds to win $100,000: 50:1
Odds to make jury: 25:1
She has her alliances and bonds with the right people this week but will it be enough going forward? She could go very far because when will she ever be the main target. Jury lock for me.

8. Christopher (Chris) Wyllie

Odds to win $100,000: 50:1
Odds to make jury: 50:1
I truly feel like Chris is in a terrible spot where people don’t trust him at all and really want him out but are currently just working with him because he is the HOH. His chances of even making the jury are slim.

9. Jamar Lee

Odds to win $100,000: 60:1
Odds to make jury: 20:1
I truly think that his game can easily float to jury. With other targets in the house, he is floating the middle well but is it enough for a win?

10. Rianne Swanson

Odds to win $100,000: 60:1
Odds to make jury: 40:1
She isn’t playing a great game but she is enough of a social butterfly where she can stay around awhile and develop relationships. The jury is out (no pun intended) on this one.

11. Angie Tackie

Odds to win $100,000: 80:1
Odds to make jury: 5:1
Jury for sure, unless they go after the floaters/goats. Possibly a final-2 goat but has lots of time to prove me wrong. I don’t know if she will though.

12 (tie). Madeline Di Nunzio

Odds to win $100,000: 80:1
Odds to make jury: 75:1
She is not on the right side of the numbers right now and people see her as a threat going forward. But will other targets present themselves first? Long shot but not impossible.

12 (tie). Kyle Rozendal

Odds to win $100,000: 80:1
Odds to make jury: 75:1
Has a strong alliance but his game is anything but under-the-radar. Not saying he can’t get to the end but at this point, his future target might be too big.

14. Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao

Odds to win $100,000: 100:1
Odds to make jury: 40:1
There is no chance that someone like Minh-Ly wins this game. Too volatile. Too hot-headed. Looks like she should be in the house for awhile so buckle up — should be a fun, yet rocky, road ahead.

15. Micheal Stubley

Odds to win $100,000: 100:1
Odds to make jury: 100:1
Dead man walking!!! No chance…