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BigTime – What Does the Software Offer to Your Business?

BigTime is known as the best software for online time attendance and invoicing solutions. The platform helps professional services such as accounting, government contracting, engineering, legal, and IT services. In this integrated solution, you will get innovative features including time and cost tracking, task and workflow management, WIP management, billing, invoicing, and more. In this review, we will dive further into what the software offers to your business along with BigTime pricing plans.

How Does It Work?

In many BigTime software reviews, the users mention that BigTime is the best time tracking platform. The software helps you to capture all the time spent on a project along with the activity outside of the office.

With the software, your employees will be able to submit expenses through an online portal. Even better, they can directly submit the expense from their mobile device and attach a scanned receipt. Upon completion, BigTime will automatically generate a digital expense report. Then, it will submit it to the system for approval. 

Not only that you can get affordable BigTime pricing plans. More than that, the software also provides you with inclusive project management features. All of the features offered by the software will help you to:

  • Track project status
  • Define tasks and activities
  • Assign tasks

Additionally, you will find built-in invoicing tools from the software to help you manage your accounting tasks with automated costing, multi-invoicing ratios, as well as receipt management capabilities. In BigTime, you can also use prebuilt report templates. Better yet, you can create new ones to meet your reporting and auditing requirements.  

Reasons for Many Businesses to Use BigTime

BigTime software is preferred for many promising reasons.

Provides Easy-to-Use Features

If you are looking for an easy-to-use project management software, BigTime will be an excellent choice. The software provides various easy-to-use features include:

If you are looking for an Cloud Based Project Management Software, BigTime will be an excellent choice. The software provides various easy-to-use features include:

  • Custom invoicing templates
  • Helps project teams manage time
  • Assists professionals in budgeting
  • Invoicing and time management

Another great thing is, BigTime also offers offline features, mobile applications, and many advanced features. The best part? The software comes with a user-friendly interface. You can easily export your data to Word or Excel if required.

Provides Excellent Time Management Tools

In a nutshell, high-profile reviews are great time management tools. With BigTime, you can easily manage your resources and clients. The software also allows you to create projects, budgets, and track tasks.

Many BigTime reviews have mentioned that users can allocate costs to specific projects. For example, you will be able to use it to generate cost estimates for your business and clients. The most wonderful thing you can get from BigTime perhaps is that it can integrate with over 200 professional services companies. Thus, you can easily set up recurring payments and integrate them with other tools.  

Helps Large-Scale Project Management

BigTime comes up with the features to help project managers monitor workforce utilization in real-time. Eventually, you can assign tasks based on the capabilities of your employees. You can simply integrate the software with Salesforce, Google Apps, or Lacerte.

In addition, you will be able to set percentages for specific tasks to ensure accuracy. You will find how the interface of this software simplifies integration with a variety of applications. Hence, making it easy for your team members to collaborate and share information. The important thing is, BigTime will help to streamline your projects while also simplifying your billing and invoicing systems.

Offers Advanced Software Features  

BigTime can be said as the most suitable software for businesses with 5 to 250 employees. The software includes advanced features such as customizable reports and time tracking. For professional services automation, you can simply integrate the software with QuickBooks Online.

Another great thing about the software is that it also helps you identify opportunities and drive growth. This will be very useful for consulting and law firms. What’s more, the integration with QuickBooks will make it easier to customize your own invoice templates. This way, you can track expenses and time without any hassle. Eventually, this is a great way to increase your business productivity.

Easy Integration with Multiple Databases

Apart from BigTime pricing, many reviews have mentioned the software to be the best online time tracking application that helps you run your business. Why? Because BigTime comes with a unique ability to integrate with multiple databases.

BigTime software allows you to set up individual timesheets, set schedules, and track all your expenses in real-time. By using the software, you can automatically update your time data. You can also track all your expenses by using the BigTime mobile app.

Offers Custom Schedules and Custom Options

In addition to the scheduling, the software offers various other features to meet your business needs. You will find a built-in task selector that enables you to enter work hours. You will also find a customizable schedule and customizable options to make project management easy. Most importantly, BigTimes also provides a built-in smart search field. With this, you can track your spending by day or week. Don’t forget, you will also be able to customize the schedule.

Helps Your Billing and Invoicing Systems

The software includes billing and invoicing systems. You will get a temporary stack and a task management system. Additionally, you will also find an interesting time machine between the instruments. In simple words, if you are looking for an online time and billing solution, BigTime will be your best option.

Offers Excellent Integrations

Another important feature offered by the software is the ability to integrate with many platforms.  For example, you can integrate it with QuickBooks to get invoicing tools, time tracking software, and task editors. The software can be strongly integrated with Quickbooks Online. This integration works seamlessly with the desktop version of the app. Or else, you can also integrate BigTime with Microsoft Office. BigTime will also integrate very well with other popular programs such as Microsoft Project and Google Docs.

The best part we should note is, this software is very easy to use. Thus, even the most apprentice users can get started with BigTime in just a couple of minutes.

Bigtime Pricing Plans

It will not be a complete BigTime review without discussing BigTime price. There are some interesting BigTime pricing plans you can choose from.

  • The Express plan costs $10 per user monthly
  • The PRO plan costs $30 per user monthly
  • The Premier plan costs $40 per user monthly
  • For the Enterprise plan, you will need to contact the company directly

In Summary…

In summary, we can say that BigTime offers many benefits for businesses to get all the work done. So, are you excited to try this software? Check out its free trial!