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Bitcoin: Documentaries and Movies

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Ten years have passed since the original birth of Bitcoin, and we wish to honour this with a few informative yet fascinating articles on the fields of cryptography and blockchain. As the temperature lowers and fall knocks on the door, we decided to start our series by updating your list and presenting you with the eight finest blockchain/Bitcoin-related films. Since bitcoin started making news in mainstream media, many movies about this new technological revolution have been made.

You will find the greatest bitcoin films and documentaries you’ll see in 2021 in our guide. Bitcoin’s narrative began in 2008 with the publication of a White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto that explains how Bitcoin’s digital currency should function. Since then, Bitcoin has received incredible attention. Since then, several filmmakers have sought to grasp the chance and tell their Bitcoin narrative. We selected the finest Bitcoin films you should see soon! Check why bitcoin has the most volatile investments for more exciting stories on Bitcoin.

The Rise of Bitcoin

It includes the history of some of Bitcoin’s prominent early followers. One is Gavin Andresen – he contacted Nakamoto personally and helped improve the technology. Overall, one of the more influential films addressing key stages in bitcoin development and its assets.

Banking on Bitcoin

Bitcoin banking is one of Bitcoin’s most popular movies. It looks at how money is engaged in centralised systems such as banks and how corrupt, inefficient and non-functional it has become. ‘Banking on Bitcoin’ tries to inform viewers why bitcoin is a suitable money alternative. In addition, it states that it is the only real money – devoid of corruption or manipulation.

Bitcoin: The End of the Money

A 60-minute documentary was published in December 2014 by Torsten Hoffmann. It’s a must-see and still one of the most incredible documentaries on Bitcoin to date. The movie raised Kickstarter with 17,362 Australian dollars. The film shows why and how Bitcoin might disrupt our existing banking system. Torsten Hoffmann currently plans an updated, more extensive and better documentary, including new hot subjects such as Ethereum, ICOs and the whole Bitcoin scaling discussion.

Life on Bitcoin

Austin and Becky agreed to perform the following experiment – to live in Bitcoin and pay for it all. A popular argument among Bitcoin doubters is that digital currency cannot be utilised for everyday life and that debit/credit cards or cash cannot be stopped. Watch Austin and Becky explore each step of their 100-day social experiment using Bitcoin.

I am Satoshi

The documentary was awarded the 2014 Blockchain Awards for “Most Creative Video.” Kantor can illustrate clearly the contrasts between cryptocurrency and regular banking. He is investigating the link between Bitcoin and the more extensive financial system. Open-source platforms have already disrupted education, software, and retail, but the banking industry is still unaffected.

Bitcoin Big Bang

It covered the tale of Mt. Gox – a Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange, which once accounted for 70% of all bitcoin transactions across the world. It worked from 2010 to 2014 when the business was attacked by a cyberattack and lost approximately 450K bitcoin value. CEO Mark Karpelès was detained but freed for lack of evidence a year later. Mark is free now and shares his tale side.

Bitcoin in Argentina

In Argentina, the main concern is the tremendous inflation of its currency — now approximately 20-25% a year. The Argentine Peso cannot be used as a value store. The economic situation is difficult for most people since Argentinian pesos cannot be exchanged for dollars or euros. Nor can they lawfully acquire gold. Check out this documentary to understand how and how Bitcoin saves Argentinians.

Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People

It is a five-minute documentary that demonstrates how bitcoin works and affects people’s lives in underdeveloped countries like Uganda. The short film reveals that Ronald’s Ugandan pupil depends on his US relatives to pay him tuition. Ronald’s blacksmith recommended that his wife, following lasting problems with expensive and sluggish legacy cash transfers like MoneyGram or Western Union, start giving Ronald bitcoin.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

As nearly a decade passed, a lot transpired in the realm of cryptography. Different cryptocurrencies have been established – a tiny proportion will probably survive after the dust settles. In certain places of the world, individuals pay for things using and utilising cryptocurrencies. Exchanges and other services have been established to assist the industry—and they confront challenges that nobody has previously dealt with.

Deep Web

This is a movie made on the Silk Road. Silk Road was the first such marketplace with Bitcoin (BTC) and a mystery leader—Dread Pirate Roberts. It also shows how the police force approached the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the inventor of the Silk Road (29 years old).

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

It is a 2014 documentary focusing on history, ideology and warfare. He describes how he engaged and assisted Satoshi Nakamoto and how after reading the White Paper, he was persuaded that bitcoin is the future. The Bitcoin phenomenon is perfect for individuals who want to understand Satoshi Nakamoto and how bitcoin originated.

The Bitcoin Gospel

It is a 48-minute documentary released in 2015 by Indigenous Films. The video includes some prominent blockchain names like Andreas Antonopolous and examines if individuals can generate their own money to replace banks.