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Bitcoin Jackpots and Record Wins: Tales from the Crypto Casino World

Every gambler aspires to hit the jackpot during their betting journey. The exciting reality is that numerous players have won huge jackpots while indulging in their beloved casino games. Like many other sectors in the betting industry, Bitcoin gambling has delivered several huge wins to players.

This guide will focus on the most significant Bitcoin jackpot wins recorded in history. Additionally, we will provide tips on how players can win real money during gameplay from our Bitcoin casino reviews.

83,110 Bitcoin Won from Live Roulette

Renowned Canadian hip-hop artist Drake is no stranger to the spotlight. In addition to his illustrious music career, he displays a strong affinity for gambling and frequents Stake Casino as a devoted patron.

As a Stake partner, the globally celebrated performer routinely shares his gambling exploits via engaging live streams titled “Stake vs. Drake.”

In a recent gaming session, Drake initiated proceedings with a substantial starting balance of $8.5 million – a far cry from your typical wager.

Through a series of well-calculated and fortunate bets, he rapidly multiplied his initial funds, culminating in an astounding victory of $27.2 million. To put this mammoth figure in perspective, it equates to approximately 83K BTC in today’s cryptocurrency valuation.

11,000 BTC Won From Crypto Dice

Another remarkable crypto jackpot win occurred in 2013. At the time, a player named Nakowa won approximately 11,000 Bitcoin after playing Crypto Dice. This monumental triumph unfolded on a platform known as Just Dice. The platform specializes exclusively in offering a provably fair Dice game.

It’s worth noting that the valuation of Bitcoin back in 2013 was vastly different from its present-day value. Despite the fluctuations, Nakowa undoubtedly walked away with a substantial fortune at the time.

524.7 BTC won From Might of Ra

Like Drake, a famous Twitch streamer named Trainwreck joined up with Stake Casino and won big. Trainwreck often shows himself gambling on his streams. Sometimes, he plays games nonstop all day, enjoying his favorite games on Stake.

During one of his streaming sessions in March 2022, Trainwreck bet 0.023322 BTC on the Might of Ra slot game by Pragmatic Play. He got fortunate and won a vast 22,500x multiplier, turning his 0.2 BTC bet into a massive 524.7 BTC. At the time, this fantastic win was worth about $13 million, making it one of the biggest online casino wins ever shown live online.

Stake Casino was super excited about Trainwreck’s incredible luck. The platform went on Twitter to declare the win a world-record win that wasn’t from a jackpot.

259.74 BTC Won From Video Slots

A player who didn’t share their name won nearly 260 Bitcoin by playing video slots. This player is only by his gaming ID #28ea0d38e1. Before the gameplay, the player bet 0.1 BTC but got lucky and hit an extraordinary jackpot. In total, the gambler won approximately $290,000 from gameplay.

Even though this win is not as big as what Drake has won, the lucky person managed to make their initial bet grow by 2600%. This impressive return shows the winning potential on offer when you play crypto casino games.

216 BTC From Troll Hunters

In March 2017, a woman who didn’t reveal her name took a risk and bet 0.16 BTC on the Troll Hunters slot game by Play’n GO. Luckily, her luck was in, and she won way more than she started with – a whopping 160 BTC from just one spin.

However, she did not stop there. This brave player kept on playing, and her determination paid off. She scored another win of 56 BTC, adding up to an incredible 216 BTC in just one gaming session.

161 BTC Won from Multifruit 81

In 2019, a player from Finland struck it big by winning 161 BTC while playing a simple slot game called Multifruit 81, created by Play’n GO. Back then, the value of Bitcoin ranged from $3,500 to $12,000. This means the mysterious player’s win could have been anywhere from $563,000 to approximately $1.9 million, depending on when they cashed out their winnings.

And just like the earlier player we discussed, this Finnish player didn’t stop there. She decided to keep riding her wave of luck. Within two days, she added another 45 BTC to her winnings, solidifying her achievement as one of the largest casino slots wins in the history of cryptocurrency.

How to win Huge Jackpot Prizes at Crypto Casinos

Like many other successful gamblers, you can earn big prizes by following these instructions:

Selecting the Reliable Crypto Casino

Not all crypto casinos are cut from the same cloth. There are variations in reputation, and enticing bonuses exist among them. It’s wise to conduct thorough research and opt for a solid-standing casino. 

The best crypto casinos have a commendable track record. They also feature a lineup of games, and bonuses are user-centric. Check out Bitcoin casino reviews to learn more about the best sites.

Opt for the Best Gambling Options

Disparities in jackpot potential exist across casino games. Progressive jackpot slots are the champions for substantial payouts. However, they are not predictable gambling options. If your goal is to clinch huge wins, it’s prudent to concentrate your efforts on progressive jackpot slots. 

Play with Bigger Bets

The adage holds the higher your wager, the likelier your chances of winning big. Being open to sizeable bets is essential to secure significant gains when betting.

Master Money Management

Laying out a predefined budget before embarking on your gaming endeavors is paramount. Adhering to this financial plan is crucial, ensuring you only stake what you can comfortably lose.

Harness the Power of Casino Bonuses 

Numerous Bitcoin casinos extend bonuses and promotions to new and existing players. These exciting offerings can elevate your bankroll and enhance your odds of triumph.

Cultivate Patience

Securing a jackpot necessitates the virtues of time and perseverance. There are better courses of action than expecting immediate wins. Instead, persist in your gameplay, and your moment of jackpot glory will occur in due course.


Bettors who follow the tips in this guide can also win big jackpots during their gambling journey. However, we must clearly state that winning huge jackpots requires an element of luck. Check out these Bitcoin casino reviews to get started on your betting journey.