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Bitcoins Versus Traditional Fiat Currencies: What Are The Differences

Cryptocurrencies are influencing the economy of the world under the ledger technology, and there are various arguments that it can replace the traditional currencies in the coming years. 

However, Traditional Fiat currencies are government-backed currencies, while digital currencies such as Bitcoins are not backed by any third party. Bitcoin and conventional currencies have many similarities but differences, as well. 

For 11 years, Bitcoin has created its mark on the financial industry of the world, and this made us realize that we are progressing towards a cashless economy. In many countries, using Bitcoin or other digital currencies is not legal, and the government restricts people from using the same. It is because the central government has no authority in Cryptocurrencies, and this leads to tax-free transactions. 

Understanding Bitcoin And Its Features

Bitcoin is a digital currency that acts as a medium of exchange between individuals. The best benefit of using this digital asset is that it doesn’t include any physical barriers that can slow down your transaction.

Bitcoin can act as the best store of value, and its price is going to increase in the future, and this will increase your investment returns. The value of this currency or its price trends completely depends upon the demand and supply of this currency.

However, the market volatility of this digital currency is high, so you need to consider this feature of Bitcoin before investing.

Understanding Traditional Currencies And Its Features

Traditional fiat currencies are issued by the central governments and act as legal tender. Besides, this currency is less prone to attacks, unlike digital currencies. 

The best benefit of using this currency is that it is highly stable and accepted worldwide as compared to digital currencies. 

Moreover, one of the limitations of this currency is that the central government has the power to control your currency. In digital currencies, you are the owner of your own money.

Bitcoins Versus Traditional Fiat Currencies

The basic features of both Bitcoin and Traditional currencies are described above. Now, let’s discuss the major differences between the two.

i). Storage

Bitcoins are like online cash, which exists only online and not in reality. You cannot store Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies like your traditional currencies. You can only store virtual currencies in a digital wallet, and via private keys, you can access the wallet. 

On the other hand, traditional fiat currencies act as the best store of value. You can store this currency for a long time, and its value is going to be stable. 

ii). Supply

Another difference between fiat currencies and Bitcoin is its supply. The supply of this asset has limitations, i.e., twenty-one million. There are various Cryptocurrencies on the internet, and the market cap value of each differs.

At the same time, fiat currencies have an unlimited supply. The governments can produce as many paper currencies as they want, and there are no limitations regarding the same. 

iii). Exchange Aspect

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are virtual currencies and lack a physical presence, unlike traditional currencies. Hence, you can only transfer assets to people via digital means. 

On the other hand, you can exchange Traditional currencies with one another hand to hand. There are no mediums, such as the internet, required for the exchange. This is one of the benefits of traditional currency over Bitcoin. You can also visit bitcoin evolution to get more information about the same.  

iv). Legality

Traditional currencies are considered legal because it is issued by the central government. This gives power to the government to control the economy of the world. 

Whereas Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means no one has the authority to control your currency. Moreover, in some countries, using Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are illegal. 

The Bottom Line

Both digital and traditional currencies have their own pros and cons. However, it is entirely dependent upon you how you are going to use those assets. So, the above listed are some facts and differences between fiat currencies and Bitcoin.