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Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan – Location – Map – Noc


Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group of Companies have collaborated to create a low-cost, TMA-approved real estate project in Islamabad. In April 2020, ARC was launched in Lahore and Islamabad. It was designed to be as close as possible to the main Multan Road and Lahore Ring Road.

A wide range of home types are available, including studio apartments and 1- and 2-bedroom family homes, as well as Duplex Villas and 3-Marla Awami plots. All of these properties are affordable. These properties can be purchased at lower prices with 5-year payment plans.


The Town Municipal Administration (TMA), has approved the Awami complex. Officially, they have approved the No. 241-MO Planning 20, dated May 03, 2020. Investors may also verify this claim with the TMA office.

Developers and Owners:

The Blue Group of Companies was established in Pakistan in 1989. It had only a Lahore branch before it started offering construction and management services. Blue Group of Company’s visionary CEO Mr Saad Nazir is now leading the way.

The Imperium Group of Companies was established in 1999 and has been a prominent construction and real-estate firm. The Imperium Group of Companies has been recognized in Pakistan for its hard work and dedication to the field. This real estate development company is managed by a group of local and international specialists.

Blue Group of Companies:

The IGC-Blue Group Of Companies partnership has helped to create the fastest growing group of companies in Pakistan. The partnership has a large number of companies from different areas of the realty market, offering expertise in many sectors. This partnership includes companies from the Gulf and North American regions, as well as from overseas.

This Group is focused on Pakistan’s severe shortage of housing, as stated by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Its goal is to build affordable, but luxurious, housing projects. These instalment plans can be used for all these programme.

Awami Residential Apartments are being sold by the developers to meet a certain number of buyers. This project can be described as a form of public welfare real property. This is because half of the flats go to the government and 40% to regular citizens. 10% goes to widows and older adults.

Map & Location:

Blue world City Awami Residential Complex Lahore can be found at Service Road. This is the closest road to Canal Road and Raiwind Road. The Awami Residential Complex location is a great choice for real estate investors who are looking to invest in NOC-approved housing units. Awami Residential Complex is convenient to all major Lahore sites, making it an ideal place for short- and long-term living.

Blue Group of Companies Awami Residence Complex is an official sanctioned residence. Official approval of the Awami Complex by the Town Municipal Administration (TMA) has been given. The Town Municipal Administration (TMA) has approved the Awami Complex.

Apartments at the Blue World Awami Residence are standard in size. The Awami Residential Complex offers a variety of sizes and types of apartments. The Awami Complex, a well-planned and constructed housing development, targets low-income residents. Prime Minister Imran Khan has created affordable housing units for the poor, in the Awami residential compound flats.

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There are four types of Awami Residential Apartment Residences:

    • Duplex Residence
  • Studio apartments
  • 3-Marla Awami plot
  • Apartments for families with one bed
  • Apartments for families with 2 bedrooms

Dimensions for Flats:

The following are the dimensions for Awami Residential Complex Apartments Lahore:

  • Duplex Villa = 675 Sq. ft.
  • Studio apartments = 375 sq. ft.
  • Apartments for families with one bed = 650 sq. ft.
  • Apartments for families with 2 bedrooms = 810 sq. ft.

Payment Plans:

Salient Features:

Blue Town Awami Complex offers a variety of lavish amenities to low-income residents at a very affordable price. These are the amenities of Awami Residential Complex:

  • Elegant apartments
  • Unparalleled Location
  • Simple instalment plans
  • Legal and approved residential units
  • Apartment buildings for low-cost living

How do I reserve a plot in Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Lahore?

To reserve your dream home at Awami Residential Complex Lahore or Islamabad, you can call Sky Marketing. They will help you through the entire process. 

Before you reserve a plot, it is best to have all the information listed below:

  • Photograph of one’s passport size
  • A duplicate of the applicant’s NICOP card
  • Copies of the ID card for Candidates Next to Kin
  • Complete the Blue Hills Country Farms application form

The booking fee must be submitted in the form of a

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank draft


Awami Residential Complex Lahore and Islamabad is a new housing project for low income people. It was inspired by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s low-cost housing plans. You can also access the online confirmation and application forms for Awami Residential Complex Lahore & Islamabad.

Developers may be willing to pay high amounts of luxury over the long-term. This investment and residence is a great fit for those who are interested in both of these things. Since its opening in April 2020, this apartment complex is gaining popularity with low-income people.

Sky Marketing strongly endorses this as an excellent opportunity to invest in the project. You can also learn more about similar extravagances at low rates by visiting our other projects.