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Blue World City Waterfront Block -Payment Plan – Location – Map

The Blue World City, a magnificent housing project in Islamabad, is divided into distinct blocks. One of the most prominent blocks in the entire housing development is the blue world city Waterfront block. This project was approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. 

The blue world city waterfront block was built for residents who wish to have spectacular views of the water surrounding them. The block will also include a variety of residential and commercial plots, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Waterfront Block in BWC:

The developers have already had moderate success with another block and now they are offering another great investment opportunity. The developers are about to launch the Waterfront District Block. It will be a great experience for residents. 

Waterfront Location:

The New Islamabad International Airport is 20 minutes away from Waterfront Block. The location map has not been updated as of yet.

Payment plan:

The plot sizes in Blue World City Waterfront District Block are 6 Marla (12 Marla) and 18 Marla (18 Marla).

Here are some examples of plot rates:

6 Marla:

The total rate for 6 Marla plots would be PKR 17.5 lakhs. Booking would start at PKR 1.75 lakhs. Investors can choose to pay in 40-month installments or eight semi-annual installments. The whole period plan is for 4 years.

12 Marla:

The 12 Marla plot’s overall rate is PKR 31, 50,000 while bookings start at PKR 3.15 lakhs. The investor has the option to pay a 40-month installment of PKR 315,000/- or opt for eight half year installments.

18 Marla:

Prices for 18 Marla plots are PKR 42 Lacs and booking prices are PKR 236,250. These plots have a four-year payment plan, which includes eight half-year installments.


The Waterfront Blue World City Block aims to offer a high-quality environment for its residents in a beautiful setting. Here are some of its highlights

  • Waterfalls
  • Water Sports
  • Floating Restaurant
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Waterfront Society


The Waterfront block in the Blue World City represents the ideal state of luxury, ease, and elegance. This block is an incredible investment, as evident by its design and features. Sky Marketing is available to assist real estate investors who wish to invest in this block. With a team made up of professionals, we are Blue World City’s authorized dealer.