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Bolkar, A Social-Audio QnA Platform: Every Voice Matters

We all have a voice of our own. We have something to say. How often does it happen that we don’t say what is on our minds? How many times do we have a question to ask, but we don’t? A lot of us have forgotten that our voice has immense strength. Our voice is the outer presentation of the inner self. We have the right to speak, the right to question, and the right to be heard. It happens that we are not comfortable with sharing our opinions, asking questions, or giving guidance to someone.

What restricts us from using our voice?

Well, this is due to many reasons. One of the reasons is that the world runs in the English language. This is especially the case with platforms that allow us to speak up. People who speak Hindi, self-sabotage themselves in this matter. Thousands of Indians who do not speak in English do not get a platform to unleash their voice. Their questions remain unanswered, their wisdom remains hidden, and their opinion remains unheard.

The people belonging to small towns are also in some form of unworthy feeling; they often have a feeling that their voice does not matter, their concerns are not worth getting responses.

This requirement led to the birth of Bolkar, an audio question and answer application. Bolkar app was designed to make people realize that every voice matters. It aims at making people feel worthy of being heard, and value the wisdom that they want to share with others.


Bolkar, in the name itself, proves a lot. It means ‘by speaking.’

It is an audio-based, knowledge platform. It works on the voice basis where one can speak and hear others speak. It is unique from other such platforms, as it is designed specially, for the Indian languages.

Bolkar, a platform that makes Indians feel comfortable with their language.

Bolkar app is created to make every voice feel heard. It is a platform, where one can ask questions verbally, hear audio answers to their questions, make opinions on a certain matter, and guide others in any of the chosen fields. There are no barriers to typing or language coming in the way of their voice.

In life, how often are we told to ask the right questions? 

Bolkar aims at making people believe that there is no right or wrong question. There is an answer to every question. It can be as simple as, ” can l do chartered accountancy after studying commerce?” or it can be complicated too. Bolkar values every question, and there are thousands of people willing to provide an answer to those questions.

Other than asking the right questions, we are also restricted while making opinions. It can be due to limiting assumptions like, “we are from a small town, our opinion is not so wise.” or any other restrictive belief that stops us from expressing.

Bolkar makes space for every user’s opinion. It makes no difference between young and old. The platform is meant for all ages. On the app, even youngsters share their views on different topics. By doing so, it helps in effective, better, and healthy interactions. The young as well as old people, feel heard, and valued. The platform provides meaning to their voice.

Bolkar is an all-in-one platform. It aims at empowering the voices of people from every region. To encourage people to feel confident with their voice, it was launched in popular indian languages. [Currently, in Hindi and Bengali.] No matter, we learn English or any other foreign languages, the comfort, and satisfaction we get in speaking in Hindi or our regional language cannot be attained in any other language.

There are a lot of people who want to become a speaker. Bolkaris a perfect place for them to practice their speaking skills. They can give detailed and interesting answers in their unique style. The app has thousands of users who support and appreciate others. These speakers get followers who boost their confidence in their speaking skills. Just like a writer is nothing without its readers; a speaker is nothing without its listeners. Their voice is of no value if they are not heard. Bolkar gives them the opportunity to make their voice matter as users are both s. speakers and listeners. No voice remains unnoticed on the app.

There is a deep quote by a famous composer, Arvo Part 

“The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all.” Bolkar app is designed with the same ambition. The platform intends to allow the voices of Indians to vibrate higher in every domain.

Humans look for a comfort zone when using their voices. For example, I am not comfortable giving my opinions on political matters, but I can express clear and loud in other fields of life.” 

Considering from every point of view, Bolkar has more than 15 categories to express ourselves. 

One major benefit of having so many categories is that it broadens the horizon of our minds. In some categories, we express what we already know; in some categories, we explore and learn.

In this matter, one of the users of the app said, “I used to share my knowledge in some of the categories, but on the app, I learned a lot in the other categories too. Now, I raise my voice in those fields too.”

Bolkar has made us realize that every voice matters. With our thoughts, ideas, opinions, we can make a change in our lives. Who knows the answer we give on the app to someone can be immensely helpful to them? Who knows the opinion we make gets appreciated and reaches thousands of others and makes a big change? We don’t know, our voices can make huge differences in our own as well as others’ lives.

Bolkar app wants to make people believe, use, and own their voices. It empowers the voices of Indians from every region.

Written By ~Simmi Bhatnagar