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Boost Business Productivity With Mac and Hit Covid-19

With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, massive companies shifted their working styles and moved to WFH (work from home). As most of the sectors are able to recover their profits with WFM culture. 

Still, many people are facing common issues while using systems. Some employees are unable to upgrade themselves with changing technology. The major reason for this issue is, they are not getting assistance for the shortcuts and tools that can help to complete work faster. If you are too one of them and struggling with the Mac shortcuts, do not worry.  Here, we have some tips that guide you with commonly used Mac Tools and shortcuts to boost productivity while working from home. 

  • Save Your Searches

Every time struggling with the same websites could be annoying. macOS gives an opportunity to every user to save common searches in Smart Folder for the future use. It helps in saving time and improving performance. All you need to do is, click on the “Finder” > choose plus button > add whatever search or shortcut you want to create here. You can rename the file or folder. You can get access from the sidebar, just with one click. 

  • Takes The Benefit of Text Replacement

There are a number of commonly used texts, typing them, again and again, could be frustrating, especially when the text is too long. So, macOS offers you a shortcut way to add text to the system. Every time you just need to add particular charters defining your shortcut. macOS automatically expands the full string of text to give desired results. Worried how? Here, is how you can do,  

  • Go to the Apple menu
  • Choose System Preferences > Keyboard > Text
  • Add shortcuts and complete sentences in different columns.
  • Then click “ok”

You will get a text replacement. Next time whenever you will add a shortcut, it will automatically be replaced with defined text. 

  • Protect Mac from Malware threat

Working from home may keep you away from the office environment but not from technology and their threats. Malware is the most troublesome for every user. Therefore, it is always advised to keep your Mac updated with the latest version of antivirus. You can choose any antivirus for your system, but do not forget to read the pros and cons of using it. Getting accurate knowledge helps you to choose the right antivirus software for your system. Antivirus also keeps away issues like system slow down, boost power backup, and assisting against duplicate files. 

  • Activate Mac’s Hot Corners

Hot corners do not mean talking about increasing your Mac temperature. But means using simple and convenient commanding corners to navigate the system. You can add a shortcut to the most used apps or tools on any most used corner of the screen. It will present a dropdown list of menus that make your working process easy. Even you can set notifications, mac locking, and putting the display to sleep for convenient usage.

Bottom Line

Using these amazing tools in Mac helps you to accomplish business tasks in a short time. Now, you do not need to struggle with looking and searching for basic functions.