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Boosteroid Cloud Service: How to Play with It to the Maximum?

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If the device has a screen, people will always try to play games on it. Because why not? And with cloud services, playing games on almost any device has never been easier. You should try playing Game Karma and learn about the Boosteroid cloud service.

Boosteroid on iPhone with wireless controller

While Boosteroid offers on-screen controls for almost every supported game, let’s be honest — it’s very inconvenient. Thankfully, the iPhone now has a wide range of supported controllers, including some great third-party options like the SteelSeries Nimbus, the MFi sibling of the Stratus Duo that I recommended in my Boosteroid review.

So, the controller is connected. Let’s play some games. Launch in Safari, log in, and open the game you like. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is really lit scenes, the highest graphics settings, and almost photorealistic faces and landscapes. Almost, because to open the Boosteroid menu or exit full-screen mode, you have to tilt your smartphone. Obviously, this breaks the illusion but serves as a reminder that there are more devices to test.

Boosteroid on iPad with mouse and keyboard

While Shadow of the Tomb Raider on iPhone is certainly impressive, the larger screen is definitely better for enjoying great graphics. A mouse and keyboard are more suitable for a shooter, aren’t they? We connect everything to the tablet, open Safari, and, although Boosteroid is completely indifferent to your gaming settings, the iPad is clearly not ready for big games, and instead of one mouse pointer/crosshairs, I had two almost identical ones. You can see how it happened in the video: instead of precise aiming, we have a cat and mouse with a scope and a few frags in the process.

Luckily, with a good connection, the game itself looks great this time around, and if you want to improve the experience, you can always take a controller and turn the iPad into a handheld console instead of a handheld PC. But what if you want to play on an even bigger screen?

Boosteroid on Smart TV

Boosteroid is pre-installed as part of your media center with access to 3 games for free and a 1-hour trial period, which is more than enough time to decide if this service is for you. But if you have an Android TV of another brand, consider yourself lucky too, at least more than me. Boosteroid has a dedicated Android TV app so you don’t need to use a browser or any workarounds to play.

While the Samsung Smart M7 is technically a monitor with some Smart TV features, some stores sell it as a full-fledged TV. And while it doesn’t have a single tuner, software-wise we have a Tizen-based 32-inch device that supports a browser, mouse/keyboard/controller, and can even run the web version of Microsoft Office. Maybe it can also run games?

Boosteroid on Xbox

If you have an older console like the Xbox One S, you don’t need to upgrade to play the latest next-gen exclusives. Microsoft itself has acknowledged that this is a great option, offering Microsoft Flight Simulator “in the cloud” for previous generation consoles, as well as many indie games in the cloud: TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge can be played entirely in the cloud, in supported regions.

Cloud gaming offers much better graphics than basic consoles. So, if you want to enjoy graphics-intensive gaming, let your console’s graphics card and CPU rest and let the cloud computer do the rest for them.

And just like Safari on an iOS/MacOS device, it can run cloud games. Microsoft has even been kind enough to add direct input from the controller for total immersion. Or you can play with a mouse and keyboard as you would on a PC since, unlike the console itself, Edge fully supports these input methods.