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Boxing Workout: Technical Tips

Do you plan to get into shape for boxing? Most boxing enthusiasts are anyway. But if you are a beginner, a quick starter kit will start you off. For those who have been into boxing for many years, they will tell you that workouts, diet and supplements are the daily steps that you need.

Most of your workout should mimic what happens when you step in the ring. So, you will find yourself punching a lot on top of weightlifting, pressing, running and other types of workouts.

Generally, the plan is to complete a sufficient warm-up because the training will be longer than for any other athlete. These workouts from BoxingReviewer are tough and require determination and consistency. Since rest is crucial, you must leave at least one day free. If you are the type who pushes the body too far during a training session, two days for rest are better.

General Training Tips for a Boxer

Punching lighter but for longer is ideal. As mentioned, much of your training will revolve around punching the bag. To avoid becoming exhausted fast, you need to stay calm and punch lighter. This will enable you to punch for longer to increase your endurance in the ring. Likewise, focus on completing more reps in any workout that you engage in.

·Coordination – speed is essential for the coordination to punch like a pro. For this, you might think that upper body mobility is the most important, but your feet play an even more essential role in speed. Thus, it is crucial to work out the whole body for the best coordination and speed.

·Work out your entire body – as we are going to see, training as a boxer is not all about punching the bag all the time. Your body must stay in shape through other workouts. So, focus on warming up, lifting, doing full body workouts and even cardio workouts.

·Stay hydrated – you need more water than you think. Sipping water all throughout your workouts is highly recommended. Fitness experts say a glass per hour is on the lower side. So focus on drinking a little more than this.

·Treat others well – if you train at the gym, staying humble is a highly recommended virtue even if you are a fighter. If another boxer knocks you down, try to learn from them.

Let us dive deep into boxing workouts that will transform your sports goals.


Every fitness enthusiast needs to warm up before starting any form of training or workout session. As a boxer, this is a habit you should always carry out at the gym. It puts you into motion and prevents injuries. Consider stretching as one of the compulsory warm-up routines before you move to more demanding workouts. There is no specific way you must stretch as you can approach it in many ways. However, focus more on dynamic stretching because it touches every muscle in the body.

Workout Your Entire Body

As we are going to see, training as a boxer is not all about punching the bag all the time. Your body must stay in shape through other workouts. So, focus on warming up, lifting, doing full body workouts and even cardio workouts.

Since, being a boxer takes a lots of efforts and determination, we also need to take care of the body during and post workout as well. The training can be tough and it can impact directly on your muscles, so it is really necessary to focus on that part as well. Drink as much water as you can, stretch often and being consistent in that. Also, check out 10 ultimate ways to speed up muscle recovery after a workout. This is a great article about post workout recovery, from the experts at Exogun, one of the best muscle massager guns.


After stretching, shadowboxing follows. Its aim is to prepare all the body muscles. Many boxers tend to shy away from doing this. They think it is a waste of time punching imaginary opponents. But according to experienced boxers, this should never be omitted. Actually, this exercise is even more successful when you have taken some enhancement gear from the website.

Focus on doing this for about 10 to 15 minutes and apply as many techniques as possible. Throw quick jabs, punch hard, kick, block and include other techniques that you know. Ensure that all muscles have felt the effect of your shadowboxing.

Pad Work

This is best if you have a partner to train with you. But if you have been using any enhancement gear, you should not be tempted to get carried away and injure your partner; just take it easy because it is a training session. It all starts with light jabs that escalate into heavy ones on your training buddy’s pad. It should not be just one-way training because your partner also must practice the jabs as you block.

Throw jabs for 10 minutes rather than counting the number of jabs you have thrown. It’s hard to count quick jabs anyway! Focus on upper body movements as well as the movement of your feet. This exercise tends to mimic what you will be doing in the ring.

Skipping Rope

This workout is excellent cardio for a boxer, but it also increases the speed of both the legs and arms. When skipping, you should not be in a hurry to finish. It is recommended to start with sets of lower reps and graduate those with higher reps. A skipping rope with a counter will save you from the agony of counting. Focus on doing 100 reps at first before taking a break for a few minutes and then getting back into action. After three sets, you can graduate to 150 reps and eventually to 200 reps.

Bodyweight Circuits

For a boxer, bodyweight workouts are very crucial. It is an excellent way to finish your workout session. There are many ways of approaching this combination. We have a great example for you below.

·Push-ups and bear crawls – focus on doing 1 push-up and a bear crawl. Then, jump into an upright position for intensity. Finish about 15 reps before taking 30 seconds to break.

·Alternating squats and squat jumps – this is performed in quick succession where one does 2 squats and then 2 squat jumps to make one rep. Complete five reps in total.

·Burpees – they are excellent concluding workouts for your boxing training session. Do about 10 burpees in quick succession to make one set. You can do another set to wind up the training session.


Undertaking such a training session is not so easy even for an experienced boxer. But you can succeed if you remain determined and motivated. Always remember to be consistent for the best results. When this is combined with the right diet, you will be especially successful within a very short time.