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Braking Systems for Off-Roading: What Upgrades Do You Need for The Rough Country?

Going off-roading on the rough country side?

If yes, then you better pack stiff suspension, more braking, and engine power. Only an amateur would ignore these upgrades, as they can mean the difference between losing or saving your skin. Yes, getting an SUV or Pickup truck is not enough, you need to modify it before going for off-roading. A

Out of all the mistakes people make when upgrading their vehicle for off-road trips, forgetting to invest in more braking power is very common. You see, most enthusiasts spend only better tires and suspension before calling it a day. Those with a bit extra budget get protection for their vehicle including roll-bars, skip guards, etc. Unfortunately, most of these guys don’t care about braking and it’s a grave mistake. Following, we will explain how, and where you should get started to fix it. 

Get Thicker Rotors

Investing in thicker rotors is a great way to increase your stopping power. This way, the pad gets more space to grab, and heat dissipates quickly without doing any damage. Before going to the rough country, swap in our regular rotors for thicker or larger ones. Also, use vented rotors instead of drilled ones. 

You see, while drilling offers better cooling, it affects the brake’s ability to dissipate heat as it reduces the surface area for the heat to dissipate. Perhaps this is why you don’t see any drilled rotors on sporting off-road trucks or jeeps.

Choose Semi-Metallic Pads Instead of Ceramic Ones

Today, Brake Pads are made from several materials. While ceramic based brake pads are mostly favored, thanks to their ability to yield light, and easy cleaning, you will be better off with semi-metallic brake pads in the rough country.  While semi-metallic brake pads produce more dust, they are capable of better braking power thanks to the increased friction. 

Make sure you check the friction co-efficiency of the pad and go for the higher number. Yes, a bigger brake pad might make the better choice, but you need to pick something that will easily fit the swept area, even if you are upsizing the rotor with something with more contact area. In nutshell, pick high friction co-efficient large pads for off-roading as they offer exceptional braking power for your buck. 

The Calipers

Upgrading only rotors and pads won’t suffice in the rough country. You will need better calipers as well. If you are thinking about multi-piston calipers, then you should know braking power is increased by increasing the piston area surface, instead of the number of pistons. Yes, multi-piston calipers are efficient and offer more pressure, but choose your pick carefully.

A cost-effective hack, try moving the caliper setup a bit away from the axle, but closer to the tire. This helps to reduce the heat absorbed by rotors, allowing it to vent away with ease. Doing so will increase your braking leverage which in return helps to stop the vehicle swiftly and easily.

Why These Upgrades are Important?

Implementing these upgrades will also improve the traction and overall performance of your vehicle on rough terrain. You have to work on your car’s stopping ability, and that even includes increasing your vehicle’s weight. Try adding some protective bumpers, wider tires, heavier shocks to achieve this. the fact is, stock brakes can’t survive in the rough country

By improving your breaks, you severely reduce the chances of any mishaps. Besides, it makes sense to level up the brakes while you are beefing up the rest of your car, it’s an excellent investment for both your and your vehicle’s sake.