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Breguet Launched New Tradition Models 2020

Tradition is a range of Breguet’s high-quality timepiece series especially designed to reflects the brand’s years of watchmaking skills in manufacturing high-Class premium watches with enormous features.

The company is known for the manufacturing of distinctive timepieces for years and still is top-listed in the line of High-rated Swiss manufactures. The 2 factors for which Breguet timepieces are known for,1 is the quality of timepieces and 2nd is the exactness of calibers. When these two things combine within a robust case, you’ll see the creation of a legendary luxury watch ‘A Breguet ‘.

Recently Breguet launched some robust models and the traditional line and distributed it over the Breguet’s Boutiques all over the globe. All of the models of this range are covered with a number of technicalities and complications embedded in the timepiece with a futuristic design and modern technology available in a limited number of pieces.

Breguet Tradition 2020 watches for Boutiques

Tourbillon Extra-Plat 5367

Tourbillon is such a complicated watch feature and only shown in the top-editions of the Breguet also counted as one of the brand’s great invention . The manufacturing of this complication is done by master watchmakers and high-rated creative mind watch designers.

The classic edition with tourbillon is recently launched to be featured in the Breguet’s Boutiques all over the world.

Power by in-home 581 caliber and featuring almost 80 hours of power reserve. This is a platinum version of mechanical movement to ensure an enhanced level of durability and long-lasting feature. The wind-mechanism is based on self-winding.
The second mechanism is shown over the tourbillon shaft. While mating a unique and aesthetic look.

Technical features
Case: Platinum based 41 mm.
Water-Resistant: 30 meters
Power Reserve: 80 hours
Dial: Black
Strap: Leather with alligator pattern

Tradition 7097

The 18-carat white gold created a high-quality timepiece made especially for the complicated features lovers and retrograde style enthusiasts. Silicon balance spring is what it’s movement is based on, In fact, the silicon material is used to make the watch antimagnetic while robust enough to withstand intense lifestyle.

505R1 is a high-class caliber featured in this timepiece based on 241 individual parts features self-winding mechanism. It gives a non-stop 50 hours of power reserve.

The white Gold case is designed to represent regret a luxurious feel while maintaining sturdiness. It is not only optimized on the outer look but technically designed and manufactured by the hands of professionals. The small dial with retrograde seconds expresses the brand’s hand in making technical designs

Technical Details
Caliber: 505 SR1
Case: White Gold
Water-Reistant : 30 meters
Power Reserve 50 hours
Movements: Automatic
Strap: Blue Leather Strap

Classique 9065

The vintage feminine watch, the Classique 9065 is where elegance reinvented. Keeping the brand’s tradition in manufacturing high-quality timepieces for ladies, this one is an ideal example of classical minimalistic Breguet Watch.

Covered with 18-carat rose gold with studded diamonds. A total of 88 diamonds are studded on this timepiece over the bezel ring and horns, reflects a luxurious and Royalistic look. Only a few variations of this watch has distributed as it is an exclusive limited edition by the brand.

The movements are based on a high-quality 591A caliber featuring a self-winding mechanism with a power reserve of 38 hours. To ensure the enhanced level of durability and reliability, the timepiece is embedded 22 carats based oscillating weight mechanisms.

The classical Rose-gold case features 30 meters of water-resistant to protect the internal mechanism of the timepiece. The case back is also covered with sapphire crystal, So the movements can be shown visibly.

Technical Features
Case: Rose Gold
Water-resistant: 30 meters
Caliber: 591A
Power Reserve38 hours
Diamonds: 88 Diamonds Studded

Classique 7145 “Rat”

To honor the Chinese tradition, Breguet launched the Classique 7145 featuring the Zodiac Rat sign engraved on the dial. The overall complicated design of this watch is based on creative mind designers at the Breguet.

The case is based on 18ct pure white gold, powered by 502.3 SD caliber featuring more than 40 hours of power reserve. The timepiece is manufactured just to honor the Chinese zodiac tradition and to feature the essentials of rat zodiac design via a luxury watch.

Technical features
Case: White Gold
Water-resistant: 30 meters
Caliber: 505.3 SD
Dial: grey engraved
Strap: Black Leather strap

These are few of the recently launched versions of tradition by the Breguet and available at every Breguet’s official boutique as these are limited editions.