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BUYtv Renews ‘Dwight in Shining Armor’ for Two Additional Seasons

The Pick-Up Tales the Adventure Comedy Through Four Seasons

Family-themed BUYtv has given a two season renewal to original scripted adventure comedy series “Dwight In Shining Armor,” which will take it through its third and fourth seasons. The pick-up comes prior to its second season airing. Regular cast members Sloane Morgan Siegel (Dwight), Caitlin Carmichael (Gretta) and Joel McCrary (Baldric) are all set to return.

“Dwight in Shining Armor” takes place in a suburban town where Dwight, a 21st century teen, falls into an ancient, underground chamber and lands lip-to-lip with Gretta, a gothic princess who has been magically sleeping for a thousand years. Dwight’s “kiss” awakens Gretta, her court magician, Baldric, as well as scores of medieval villains, and makes Dwight her de facto champion until her hordes of enemies are defeated.