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Can Corporate Rent-A-Car Reduce Costs?

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In the modern age, companies are looking to maximise employee benefits while reducing operational costs. From adopting a hybrid model to installing the latest workplace software, companies today have a myriad options to achieve this goal.

When it comes to office commutes, corporate car rentals are becoming one of the most sought-after options for employers and employees. According to a travel survey by the BNT Group, 64% of professionals prefer to drive to their destination in a rental car. It promotes employee safety and convenience and makes for an excellent perk for retaining them.

As such, corporate rent-a-car services are becoming an even bigger part of the corporate commute equation. But do they translate to cost savings for the company? The short answer is yes. Let us find out how.

Corporate Rent-a-car and Cost Savings

Not many companies think about using corporate rent-a-car services. But companies prioritising employee experience understand these services offer more than just employee satisfaction. They are reliable and safe, reduce commute-related stress, offer the flexibility to choose a specific car, and help bring down overall commute expenses significantly.

Here are a few ways in which corporate rent-a-car services help reduce costs-

1. Customizable Usage and Pricing

Companies traditionally rent cars on a contract basis for a specific month or year. Such agreements usually have a fixed monthly cost that allows companies to use the car at will without paying upfront for customizations. With this arrangement, companies have the flexibility to use the corporate rent-a-car service for corporate purposes without worrying about maintenance costs or driver salaries.

But many companies end up with their rented cars sitting idle due to reasons like inefficient usage of the car, high employee turnover, or the vehicle being unsuitable for specific purposes. Moreover, it is quite difficult to predict the usage of a car over the long term.

To overcome these challenges, most leading corporate rent-a-car services offer flexible usage and pricing options that help companies derive the maximum value for their investment. They allow you to rent cars for corporate purposes as and when you require them and pay depending on the usage. 

This eliminates the requirement of taking a long lease and risking the car sitting idle. For example, if your requirement for corporate rent-a-car service shoots up in a specific month or season, you can make a reservation for only this period in advance. This also helps you avail of the corporate rent-a-car services at discounted prices.

2. Zero Servicing and Maintenance Costs

Buying a fleet of cars for corporate purposes is not the only big expense. You will have to bear regular upkeep charges like timely servicing, fixing sudden breakdowns, paying driver salaries, etc. This not only adds up the bills but also results in inconvenient downtime, especially at peak hours.

Moreover, if you are not using corporate rent-a-car services, you will have to hire a dedicated team to manage fleet operations, further increasing the overall cost.

But with corporate rent-a-car service, whether you are renting a car for the short term or the long term, you can be certain that the vehicle comes with a full servicing and maintenance history. From timely upkeep to fixing breakdowns, the corporate rent-a-car provider will take care of all maintenance expenses. 

Corporate rent-a-car services not only allow companies to enjoy low operational costs but also prevent unplanned fleet downtime and eliminate the requirement of a dedicated team for non-essential administrative tasks. Also, corporate rent-a-car providers extensively check every car for possible issues. This ensures that your car is in excellent condition and safe to use.

3. Flexibility to Choose a Vehicle

Companies use corporate rent-a-car services for several purposes. These include meeting with a client, a business trip, commuting to corporate events, airport pickup and drop off, team outings, etc. But not every car is appropriate for all purposes. For example, a small car might be suitable for airport drop-offs but if you have a meeting with a big client, you might want to arrive at the destination in a luxury car to present a prestigious image of your company.

Buying and maintaining all these cars yourself will definitely be an expensive affair. You will also have to consider other factors while creating your fleet like the number of passengers a car can accommodate, its fuel economy, safety, etc. 

Corporate rent-a-car companies offer a wide range of vehicles that you can choose from depending on your requirements. From economy to luxury, you can easily rent a car to minimise costs and maintain operational efficiency. 

Smart corporate rent-a-carServices for Cost-Optimization and Efficiency

We are living in the age of technology and corporate rent-a-car services are not untouched by it. Smart solutions are the perfect blend of savings and efficiency. They allow you to have more control over the process without shelling out a lot of money. 

Here are a few features of smart corporate rental services that make them an excellent option for corporates-

1. Simple Booking Process

Smart corporate rent-a-car solutions have a web or app-based portal that allows you to rent a car quickly and conveniently. They also have separate dashboards for employees and the transport team to ensure that they can make immediate bookings seamlessly.

2. Quick Vendor Assignment

The transport team can use the solution to assign vendors for multiple trips at once and send them instant notifications about the trip status.

3. Real-time Tracking

From employees and drivers to the admin and facility teams, all stakeholders can track the cab in real time, ensuring safer trips.

4. Customizations

Corporate rent-a-car solutions are agile. They allow you to tailor your bookings according to your needs. Whether you want to rent a car for a day or a longer duration, a corporate rent-a-car solution will accommodate all your requirements seamlessly.

5. Automated Processes

From employee reimbursement to vendor payment, a corporate rent-a-car solution automates the process end-to-end. This makes payments and reconciliation easier as everything is digital.

6. 24/7 Customer Support

An online portal ensures that you receive complete assistance and support for all your queries in a single, centralised location.

To Sum Up

Managing corporate commutes has always been an important part of businesses. But after the pandemic, it has become more important than ever to ensure safety while commuting. Many businesses are also looking for innovative ways to attract and retain their employees. All while trying to bring down overall operational costs. And using a corporate rent-a-car service is the best solution.

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