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Can I Perform Umrah Without Appointment? 

Umrah is a religious travel that allows Muslims to ask their Creator for forgiveness, make a spiritual bond with their Lord, and to renew their faith. However, as Umrah is not a replacement for Hajj, it has its own meaning in Islam. The advantages of Umrah are excellent at all times. According to the Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him), it is one of the acts that compensate for sins. It also has a unique quality throughout Ramadan. Umrah is a collection of rites that include putting on the Ihram state, circumambulating the Kaaba, performing Sa’i between Safa and Marwa, and shaving or trimming one’s hair in order to worship Allah. Muslims from over the world select one of the top cheap umrah packages from UK to travel to the Sacred Umrah. 

It is important to make an appointment for performing umrah: 
According to the Saudi interior ministry, pilgrims who intend to perform the Muslim rite of Umrah must now make an appointment via the Nusuk or Tawakkalna Apps. Saudi Arabia has stated that permits for doing an umrah, or modest pilgrimage, during the next Islamic holy month of Ramadan may be obtained via an Internet platform in order to speed up services for the rituals.

How do I appoint an umrah?

Simply defined, an appointment for Umrah is a digital document that the Nusuk app issues that allows its owner to visit the Grand Mosque, and in general undertake Umrah. The sort of Umrah visa that the applicant is in hold of will determine the conditions under which the Umrah appointment will be issued to pilgrims.

Saudi citizens ‘umrah appointments:

The Umrah appointment requirement applies to all Saudi citizens and residents. To be able to undertake Umrah, they too need an appointment.

Umrah appointment for guests and people with visiting Visas:

Holders of visas for umrah, tourism, or employment must have registered their arrival information and immunization records on the Muqeem portal at least 72 hours before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

For scheduling an umrah appointment, the ministry has established three steps:

  • Obtain an entry visa to the Kingdom, Verify the validity period when registering
  • Use the app to make an appointment. According to the ministry, if you don’t enter the Kingdom within a maximum of six hours of making your umrah appointment, your license will be automatically withdrawn.
  • According to the ministry, the umrah permission will be immediately cancelled if the applicant is found to have HIV-19 or has come into contact with an infected individual.

 App for umrah appointment: Nusuk App:

The Nusuk App is the one that is connected to the issue of the Umrah appointment.
The Nusuk app’s primary features are as follows:

  •  enables the issuing of Umrah visas electronically
  • advertise the coming of foreign pilgrims, offers transportation and travel services, and offers information about cultural events
  • visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque and booking Umrah permits; allowing Umrah pilgrims to book their packages providing pilgrims with a digital guide with thorough instructions accessible in different languages and allowing tourists to book accommodations and flights.
  • The Nusuk app is available for download from the App Store and Play Store.

Make an umrah appointment:

Using the Nusuk app, making an umrah appointment is easier. Schedule the appointment by:

  • Selecting “Umrah”.
    • Decide which friends you wish to schedule an appointment with.
    • Decide on the appointment time and date for Umrah.
    • Decide on the assembly location, such as Kudai Centre.
    • That is all. The Eatmarna Application issues the umrah permission. The cost of transportation is not obligatorily required.

Cancel umrah appointment or permission: 
If you are not going to use your umrah license, you should cancel it. In order to remove the umrah visa through Nusuk.
• Click „ permit” in the Eatmarna Application once it is open.
• Choose the permission you wish to reject.
• Select the „ cancel option” button.
That’s it; you’ve cancelled the umrah permission. By using the Tawakkalna Application, you might even postpone the permission.