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Can I Play Free Online Blackjack During a Live Dealer Gaming Session?

Playing free blackjack is a legal activity. And you can play this game at most online casinos, as long as you’re of legal age. A live dealer casino offers a chance for a player to enjoy a real-world gambling experience without leaving their home. That’s because playing at a live online casino allows a gambler to socialize and interact with other players and the dealer. And all activities of a live casino happen in real-time via a streaming video. 

Most online casinos offer demo versions of popular games. That means you can play free online blackjack by simply choosing the demo version of this game. A demo version is a limited version of a game. However, this game won’t collect any gameplay data during a session. Thus, the game won’t accumulate your losses or wins over time. 

In some cases, a player can get a no deposit bonus after registering with a casino. That means they can use the bonus to try the real version of the game without risking their hard-earned money. Nevertheless, live dealer games don’t come with demo versions. But players can view these games. 

A Guide for Playing Online Blackjack 

Playing live blackjack at an online casino provides the gamer with a unique experience. Launching the demo version of this game on a mobile device or desktop computer is easy. And, you don’t have to download specific software or sign up at a casino. What’s more, the game rules remain pretty the same. 

The player aims to “bust” or beat the dealer by scoring close to 21 without going over it. This total is based on the cards’ value. The value of face cards is 10, while an ace is worth 1 or 11, depending on what works best with the other cards. Here is a step-by-step guide for playing free online blackjack.

  1. Select the Game: Most casinos feature a wide range of free and real money blackjack variants. Pick your favorite variant, and then click on it. Wait for it to load onto your screen. 
  2. Place a Bet and then Click “Deal”:  With the standard blackjack, the dealer and the player are dealt 2 cards. The player can view their cards and one card of the dealer. That means the player won’t know the dealer’s hand total value. But, this can vary depending on your chosen blackjack variant. 
  3. Choose to Stand or Hit: The player decisions are mainly either to hit, that is, draw an extra card. Or to stand, that is, stick with their cards. Don’t forget that you will burst if your value exceeds 21. 
  4. Dealer’s Cards Disclosed: The dealer’s cards will be disclosed to let you know who has the best score. The winner is declared based on the values of the dealer’s cards against yours. 
  5. The Next Round: After the winner has been declared, you can place a bet or try something different. If you opt to try something different, all you have to do is select a different game. If you decide to place a bet, the same steps apply. 

Benefits of Free Blackjack

The main benefit of free blackjack is that you don’t risk your hard-earned money, whether you win or lose the game. As such, most people opt to play free blackjack online to practice and sharpen their skills. 

When you play free blackjack, you get a chance to try different blackjack strategies and determine their odds. Thus, you avoid losing money by betting on real money blackjack without an effective strategy. What’s more, you don’t sign up or deposit any money to play free blackjack online. So, practice and sharpen your skills with free blackjack online if you wish to start playing this game for real money.