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You Can Still Buy a Super Bowl Ad. Why?

Less than two weeks before the big game, Fox is still selling ad space. What’s to blame?

From Campaign US: Shall we blame Colin Kaepernick? Maybe it’s the NFL. Or it could be that advertisers just don’t want to pony up $5 million for 30-seconds of airtime in these economically uncertain times.

Whatever the reason, with barely a week to go before kickoff, there is apparently still ad space available for Super Bowl LI—a historical anomaly that suggests the NFL’s woes didn’t end with the regular season.

Last year, CBS, the home of Super Bowl 50, reported most 30-second ad units sold out by November. The pattern was similar in earlier years. But, this season, 10 percent of the advertising inventory was still reported to be available in December, and there is no word from Fox Sports at press time whether all the spots are sold out. For more, click here