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Can You Browse Anonymously By Using Proxy Servers? Let’s Find Out.

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What is a proxy server?

Proxy servers, also known as gateway proxies or simply proxies, are intermediaries such as computers or routers that connect people to the internet. Simply we can say that a proxy server is a computer on the internet that gathers the information contained in a specific web request made by a user. When a client makes a request, the proxy sends it to the primary server. The other server’s replies are routed through the proxy before being returned to the client.

This function guarantees client confidentiality. By staying anonymous online, computer users can get around the filters set up by those in charge of their networks. Proxy servers are often used to build security barriers that prevent attackers from entering a private network.

The function of Proxy Server

Proxy services provide protection for data sent over a network connection to the internet. To put it simply, a proxy server is a computer on the internet that takes the web requests you input and collects the information in a particular request. By using this function, requests can be sent to a server even if the client cannot establish a straight connection. The proxy server sends your browser data that has been cleaned up. This data replaces the original content from the main server.

To prevent access to specific sites, proxies can be used instead. This could mean preventing employees from accessing potentially harmful websites in the workplace. Servers can encrypt your data to prevent malicious parties from reading your queries and data.

By using a proxy, you can save time by caching commonly visited pages. With caching, you can speed up the delivery of an online resource. By using a proxy server, you can hide your IP location. By hiding your IP address, you can hide where you are when you’re online and keep some anonymity. is a proxy server that gives you a proxy list with IP addresses from more than 20 countries. By using them, you can visit websites smoothly without detection.  

Advantages of Proxy server

Proxy servers facilitate your connection to the internet and provide various benefits. Here are some scenarios in which a proxy server would come in handy:

  1.  Manage internet usage.
  2.  Speeding up page loadings.
  3.  Protect individual privacy.
  4.  Strengthen online safety.
  5.  Unblock restricted material. The best proxy server on the internet?

As you already know about proxy servers and their function, will provide you with all types of proxies, like HTTP, HTTPS, Socks 4, and Socks 5.

  • Standard Internet Protocol (HTTP) supports the HTTP protocol, allowing you to access webpages and download files.
  • Proxy sites that support SSL are known as HTTPS. You can now access encrypted sites using HTTPS. With the right software, they can be used for any protocol, including SOCKS proxy sites.
  • Socks 4 can use the TCP/IP system to link to any host at any address and port.
  • Socks 5 has the same capabilities as Socks 4. In addition, the BIND technique allows incoming connections, and the UDP protocol is used to proxy DNS requests.

The anonymity of proxies is a crucial factor to consider. This option controls whether or not the target website will recognize your proxy connection and reveal your IP address.

So, will provide you with all the cool features that allow you to hide your IP address and browse anonymously at the lowest price. Almost 20+ countries’ proxy servers are available. All you have to do is select your desired country, and they will ensure you get the best proxy server from that country. However, you can easily set up Edge Proxy for your Microsoft Edge browser on your computer. It is the default browser for Windows. So, we recommend that you use it for proxy servers.