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Can You Change Canada Tourist Visa To Another Category Of Visa?

No, you cannot change your visa to another type. The only way to change is to reapply for a Canada visa, but this is focused on some situations. This article guides this:

Before attempting to change your Canada  tourist visa from Dubai to another one, you must know the eligibility requirements for the visa you want to apply for. Various visa kinds have particular criteria that candidates must meet, such as job sponsorship, family sponsorship, and residency eligibility. Search for the necessary information to determine your qualifications for the desired visa.

Examine  Your Present Visa Status

Track the present visa status and identify if any terms and limitations apply to your tourist visa. For instance, if your tourist visa is one entry, you might be required to enter Canada and return to apply for various visas. Moreover, the validity time of your tourist visa ensures you have enough time to fulfill the conversion procedure before its expiration.

Determine Valid Category

Once you know your eligibility needs, determine the most suitable visa kind for your situation. General visa kinds that people might look to change involve work visa allowance, family sponsorship visas, and permanent residency visas. Select the visa kind that connects with your longer-term aims and immigration schedule for Canada.Migration consultants Dubai will help you find the best alternatives for visas.

Waiting  for Process

One time, you have to submit the application and physical scores. If required,  wait for the Canadian immigration entities to process your visa application. Procedural time varies depending on the kind of visa, the number of applications, and other reasons. Track the status of your application by the IRCC  websites and touch with the processing center for the latest news if required.

Complete the requirements

While processing your visa application, you may be asked to provide more data and attend interviews or health examinations. Collaborate with the entities’ requests, provide the requested documents, and participate in the meetings as presented.

Get Decision 

Once your application has been processed, you will receive a wise decision from the Canadian entities. You will receive a new visa and be allowed your latest position when approved. Review the terms and valid time of your new visa thoroughly and touch with any need or limitation imposed.

Upon getting the new visa or the allowance, decide on the following measures. You have changed to employment or the study visa, make it arranged for the job or the enrollment in the academic courses compulsory. If you have attained permanent residency, be familiar with the laws and duties of the permanent people and focus on your alternatives for living in   Canada for a longer time.


Changing the Canadian tourism visa to another kind requires considerable preparation, decision-making, and attention to immigration regulations. Knowing the eligible needs and collectively needed documentation, presenting a complete and valid application, and collaborating with entities throughout the procedure due to the impossible change of your tourist visa into another.