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Can You Leave Blackjack at Any Time?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time, and certainly one the most exciting due to the low house edge. On top of that, blackjack has a rather simple gameplay that is easy to learn for beginners.

However, the game has many “unwritten” rules that most players follow like tipping the dealer or choosing the perfect time to sit or stand up from a table.

This got us wondering, can you leave blackjack at any time you like?

Well, let’s dive deeper into this segment and find out when is the best time to leave a blackjack table without making a mistake, or irritating other players or the dealer.

Can You Leave Blackjack Table Whenever You Like?

As you can check here, yes! You can stand up from a blackjack table whenever you feel like it and there is nobody that can stop you. Even if you sat down and played with only one hand, you can walk away from the table.

With that said, there are a few things to consider before making a decision about your leaving the table.

First of all, if you sit down at an empty table, the dealer will start to shuffle 8 decks of cards and deal you one hand. Leaving after the one hand can be a bit irritating for the dealer considering that he/she has done their work for a small session.

Additionally, sitting on a blackjack table can also disarrange the shoe for the remaining players. This means that the outcomes of future hands will be different if additional players sit on the table. So, a player that has been on a winning streak might end up losing a few hands due to the extra cards drawn from the deck.

In order to prevent new players from jumping in and out of decks, higher stakes players choose to play “no midshoe entry” tables, where you are not allowed to enter until the next shoe. 

So, in other words, you can leave a blackjack table whenever you like, especially at the lower stakes.

When is the Best Time to Leave Blackjack Table?

When You are on a Losing Streak

Blackjack is a game of luck, and even though your strategy can help you increase your winning chances, at the end of the day it all comes down to how lucky you are. This is why you need to pay attention to your streak.

If you have a continuous losing streak, then it is probably best to leave the table before you eat up your entire budget.

When You’ve Doubled your Money

One of the best ways to walk away profitable from a blackjack table is to know when to quit. Winning a few hands in a row and doubling your money is a sign that it is time to end your gambling session and lock in your profits.

Most players make the same mistake of pushing their luck to a point where they will lose all the money they’ve won.

When You Start Making Mistakes

As we mentioned before, strategies play an important role in blackjack. Therefore, your decisions can seriously impact your winnings. 

After a long gambling session, if you feel tired, or your brain doesn’t process all the information on the table and you start making mistakes, it is a sign that you should leave the table.

When The Table is Cold

Some parts of blackjack are almost impossible to explain. We all know that it is a game of luck and some level of skill, but some tables can be hot or cold. 

Hot table means that most players are winning money, and cold tables are when the dealer dominates the gambling session.

Hot and Cold hands cannot be predicted, but if you notice that nobody is winning money after a few hands, it is time to walk away from that table.

When Other Gamblers Are Ruining the Mood

Blackjack is not all about winning money. It is also the experience that comes with the game, which can be relaxing, joyful, and exciting. Since you are playing with multiple people on the table, the other players can have a serious impact on the overall mood of the table.

After all, losing money is not fun, and some people react differently than others leading to ruining the mood of the entire table. If this unfortunate thing happens to you, you should stand up and possibly try a different table.

When You Are Too Tired or Had too Much Alcohol

When you are too tired or had too much to drink, you’ll end up making bad decisions which will place you on a losing streak. Long gambling sessions can be tiered, and staying sharp is crucial for making good decisions.

So, whenever you feel that you start to make bad decisions or had too much to drink, it is best to stand up from the table and call it a day.