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Car Tracking is Essential for Car-Sharing and Rentals

There has been an increase in the number of businesses offering car-sharing opportunities, or options other than calling a traditional taxi. Recent years have seen a large boom and even people who already have jobs can also offer car-share services and make some extra cash. But there is a concern about car security and one of the ways you can achieve that is with an Uber carshare tracker or GPS equipment tracking. Here are some of the advantages of such a tool.

Monitor the condition of the vehicles you assign trackers to

One of the great advantages of using GPS tracking technology is that it gives vehicle owners a way to track use and monitor the condition they are in. This means maintenance can be organized as needed ahead of when serious repairs are needed, saving money. Depending on the run time the tracking reveals depends on when maintenance can be planned.

Have the ability to create a geofence 

A great benefit of some GPS tracking like Turo Airtag is that it allows you to use something called geofencing. This means there is essentially an invisible fence and when a thief takes the vehicle and the boundary is crossed it sends an alarm to the vehicle’s owner. You can ensure the equipment or vehicles remain where they are meant to be.  

Prevent or take action against theft

Using a Turo airtag means the cars are safer. In some cases, these tracking devices can prevent a thief from actually starting the car. Then the police can be called and the thieves caught. Or the system can be used to shut off the engine and the car and the thief can be caught that way. When you are renting out cars it is a problem that people sometimes do not return them and this is a good way to stay on top of that. For things like car sharing it means when dodgy calls for pickups to suspicious locations come in, the car can be tracked just in case.

Track run time with better accuracy

With GPS tracking owners can track run time a lot more accurately which is great for better and more precise billing and invoicing among other things. Rather than charging by a day, or half day or by the hour or by what is on the odometer, you can track exactly the distance they went and charge for that.

Access accurate data

With an Uber carshare tracker you can collect useful data such as when a vehicle should go in for maintenance or when they are being accessed remotely or where they are being used and so on. Having accurate data is best for fees, preventing damage and theft, the care of the vehicles, and more.


It is standard for most modern car-sharing or rental businesses to use some form of GPS tracking on their vehicles as they come with many advantages. If you are the owner of such a business or considering starting one, you should consider your options.