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Carport Vs. Garage: Things to Consider

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Are you looking to protect your car from the elements? Here’s all you need to choose between a carport and a garage.

When you are a car owner, you want to think about how you take care of that vehicle. If you are also a homeowner, then this makes things easier for you. You can then choose whether you want to build yourself a garage or whether a carport will be enough to protect your beloved vehicle from the elements. Either a carport or garage will add to the value of your home. You can also shop for the best sheds to enhance the value of your home.

In this article, we will attempt to discuss which will suit you better. For example, do you need a carport, or do you need a garage? Let’s find out.

What is a carport?

A carport is used in a garage and often consists of four corner beams above which roofing is added. The idea of having a roof over your car without any sides on it saves space for those in need. That means list building work and therefore less cost. If you live somewhere like Australia, having either a carport or a garage becomes essential since it will protect your vehicle from the hot sun. Those who invest in a Carport Sydney will find that their car is much less likely to fade and bubble due to sun damage. 

A carport’s main job is to protect your investment. So it doesn’t have sides, which means it isn’t an actual building. This lets you erect one without all that complex planning permission you might require if you were to build a garage.

The benefits of a carport include:

  • Protection for your vehicle in all weathers
  • It does not have sides and does not take up as much space as a garage
  • It won’t require planning permission in most cases

What’s a Garage?

A garage is where the wealthy and middle class keep their vehicles. A garage features full coverage, including a roof and all four sides. Sometimes, a garage is built into the property. They usually sport a motorized door that rises and falls to allow you to get in and out with your vehicle.

The benefits of choosing a garage include:

  • It is an extra room to your property
  • Both a garage and carport will add value to your home
  • It can keep your car safe from all weathers and protect from wind

Carport or Garage, what’s right for you?

While a carport might not protect your vehicle on all sides, it is often considered the best in terms of value for money and initial costs. Carports are more accessible to construct than garages, and some sales teams provide them fully fitted; all you have to do is cover the cost.

Whether you prefer a carport or a garage will depend on how well you need your vehicle protected from the elements. If the wind is an issue where you live, then garages might be better. If sunshine is an issue where you live, then opt for the carport and let your vehicle enjoy the breeze.