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Cash App Says Completed But Not In Bank

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One of the rampant issues cash app users have nowadays is when their Cash App says Completed but not in bank. What’s the cause of this problem and how can you resolve this issue? Don’t worry, all the answers to this question will be answered. If you think your cash app payment is taking longer than usual, or your cash app transactions are pending for a long time, You will need to find lengthy information so as to rectify this situations. 

Cash app is used to make peer to peer payment among user’s,it’s mostly used for transactions like sending and receiving of funds. Since cash app has millions of users in both United States and UK, it’s no surprise that questions like why their cash is sent but not received is often asked. As an old cash app user, this type of stuffs shouldn’t be a surprise to you, the app is widely used among individuals everyday so issues like your payments pending longer than usual, or you are being debited but your partner is not credited are bound to happen. 

Moving forward, let’s give you a lengthy information about why your cash app money sent but not received, also we will make sure to give you a list of what to do if you experience such. 

Reasons Cash App Says Completed But Not In Bank 

Before we move forward, it’s important for you to know that there are two various methods to send money on cash App. One is standard, and the other is instant. If you want to use cash app to transfer to a bank, you will be ask to select weather you will be using the standard payment options or the instant payment options. However the standard one can be slow at times. 

When using standard payment options, you may have to wait for like 2 to 3 working days for this payments to be successful. But when using standard payment option, you wont be charge. This implies that’s it’s free of charge.

As for the instant payment method, it’s not free but it’s fast. Highest you will wait for 5 mins and your transactions will be completed. But how is this related to why your Cash App money is sent but not received? Check the next paragraph 

Difference in standard and instant payment method 

When using instant option to make payments, you will be charged 1.5 % for deposit fee. But when using standard, it’s absolutely free. The downside to the standard payment options is that the person you send money to may not receive the fund until the next 2 to 3 working days. So this may be the cause why your payment is not received. 

You should know that when your Cash App says completed but not received, then something is wrong somewhere. It’s either your internet connection is not sable, cash app server is experiencing some difficulties, you balance is not sufficient to complete the transaction, your debit card has expired or other related issues. 

Insufficient Funds 

Another thing you should take note of when transferring funds is your account balance. When the amount in your account balance is less than the amount you are transferring, the transaction tends to fail. Instead of cash app to send the amount in your account, it will rather wait until you have a sufficient amount to complete your transaction. So this may cause your payment to show sent but won’t be received. 

Cash App or Receiver Bank Server Breakdown 

At times your pending payment may be because Cash app server is experiencing some difficulties. Or perherps the recipient bank may have issues with their server. The payment will reflect sent in your account but won’t be received at the recipient account. 

If The Payment Was Made During Weekend

During Weekends, transactions tends to be slow. If you made a payment during weekend, you may after to wait till bank working days before your transaction will be processed. 

Exceeded Payment Limit

When performing transactions on cash app, make sure you have not exceed the $250 weekly limit. If you have exceeded your weekly limit transactions and you still choose to make payments, your payment will pend until next week. If you want to bypass cash app transactions restrictions, all you have to do is provide all the required documents from Cash App. 

Expired Debit Card 

Debit card tends to expire after 2 to 3 years of attraction. So another reason your transactions is not completed may be because the Debit Card you linked to your cash app as expired. 

How To Fix Cash App Says Completed But Not In Bank

If your Cash App Says Completed But Not In Bank, first thing you should do is check your internet connection, make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection. If that’s not the case, you can check your account balance if you have sufficient funds to complete that transaction, and if you do, ask around if there is anybody experiencing that kind of difficulties as it may be due to cash app server.

But if the above solutions still proves abortive, you can contact the cash app customer support service.


If your cash app money says completed but not received, you don’t have to panic. Be patient as the problem you are experiencing may be from cash app or from the bank you are sending Money too. Check the above content and see the reason why you might be experiencing this issue.