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Casino Bonuses Online

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Bonuses are among the most common features offered by nearly all online casinos. Different types of bonuses have varying benefits to punters and casino providers. Punters can thus choose an online casino to join based on the bonuses offered to match their needs or preferences and improve their overall gaming experience. Some of the most common casino bonuses online are highlighted below.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is often referred to as the first deposit bonus. It is typically offered to new punters to entice them to join the respective online casinos. The pros of welcome bonuses to new punters are that they get to know about the ins and outs of the online casino without risking their real money. The bonus amount varies among different casino providers. In most cases, it is usually a percentage of the initial deposit that new punters make, but with a set limit.

Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are also popular in online casinos, typically offered to the existing punters. The free spins generally apply to games that involve reels or dice, including the numerous varieties of slot games. As the name suggests, they allow punters to spin and potentially win real prizes without wagering anything. Something to note is that most free spin bonuses come with playthrough requirements. Most online casinos also have a limit on the possible maximum amount players can cash out.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are offered to existing players to entice them to spread the word about the casino to potential new customers. Players must send unique referral links through which the new members must join the casino to get the referral bonuses. Typically, the referred player must make a deposit and place a wager before the referral bonus is awarded. That helps prevent online casinos from running into bankruptcy from players taking unfair advantage of the bonus.

Reward Multipliers

Reward multipliers are bonuses typically offered to promote new slot games. They allow players to enjoy higher winnings than they usually get, as per the multiplier awarded. The higher wager-to-win amount ratio makes the games more attractive and entices punters to try them. However, multiplier bonuses are typically offered for a limited duration.

Something to note is that most bonuses offered by online casinos typically have wagering requirements. Punters should take note of all the wagering requirements and other conditions and try to fulfill them to avoid disqualification. Bonus offers are also ordinarily valid only for a specified period. Punters should thus utilize bonuses as soon as possible to prevent them from expiring.