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Casino Strategy: What Pros Don’t Want You to Know

Having a strategy with casino games is the best way to ensure your profits remain higher than your losses. It might seem easy to create your own strategy at first, especially after some research, but after playing your first couple of rounds, you might find yourself disappointed with the results. Most strategies either cause you to reach the limits too soon or they provide such a small amount of profit. So, how do the professionals do it? How do they manage to get such great winnings from casinos and actually create careers from it?

Those are questions everyone asks when they first discover the incredible advantages and opportunities of using a casino strategy, but at the end of the day, to become a professional gambler and actually gain huge on the winnings, you’ll need to prepare yourself mentally and be winning to take the risks it requires. For sure, one piece of advice we can share: always check the latest casino bonuses before start playing. Here are some of the most important things about casino strategies that pros don’t want you to know.

Start Big or Don’t Start

For most this might indicate that they need to bet huge amounts when actually it relates to your account balance before you begin a strategy. Most “newbies” fool themselves into thinking just because they have a strategy, they will get the benefit and become a pro gambler overnight. Start with a fair-sized account balance (boku casino payment is the perfect option for minimum deposit) and jump into one of the table games and apply the strategy.

While this is completely possible, the odds are strongly against you and casinos count on it. You need to calculate the exact account balance you need for a strategy and make peace with the fact that you’ll be risking a lot more than you’ll gain, meaning you need to have an even bigger account balance than you think at first.

Let’s look at a simple progressive betting strategy and how much you need. A pro would cover at least 10 rounds of progressive betting system, meaning 10 consecutive losing rounds would be covered. Now, let’s say the bettor begins with a small wager of just $1 and wants to cover 10 rounds on an even money bet of roulette with a progressive betting strategy. This means the account needs to be able to double up 10 times ($1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 265, 512).

As we can see from the info above, just to cover 10 double ups would require $512, but we also need to cater to the losses that occur before the winning round comes along. For example, if you start with $1 and double up 5 times, it means your next bet would be $32, but it also means you’ve already lost $31. Therefore, if you reach the 10th level of progressive betting, it means you would be betting $512 and you would’ve lost $511 by then.

You would need to have an account balance that covers both the losses and the following bets for 10 rounds, meaning to start with a progressive betting system to cover 10 consecutive losing rounds, you need a total of $1,023 at least.

Always Stick to the Plan

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to increase the betting values of your double up just because you have a large amount of cash in your account. By that we don’t mean you have to stick with $1 as your starting bet, but you have to calculate the betting values and the losses for at least 10 rounds. For example, if you move the starting bet up to $2, it means a total of $2,046 would be required ($1,024 for betting and $1,022 for losses).

If you increase the bet when you haven’t calculated, you might find yourself running out of money too soon.