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Casino Streaming Fraud and How That Can Impact on Players

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Casino Streaming and Fraud

It goes without saying, that streaming is one of the most popular pastimes at the moment. And this is the case of whether the casino is carrying out the stream itself or whether you are watching different streams simultaneously. A popular section of streaming has been casino streaming. However, this subsection has experienced serious problems with fraud recently. We’ve taken a look at how this impacts upon players, even though it might not directly affect them. 

Streaming Fraudsters

There are a lot of genuine people out there that take part in slot streaming. Unfortunately, just like almost everything out there, there are some fraudsters that have managed to ruin the online casino scene. Although very little has actually been proven, it’s quite obvious that some streamers are running frauds on players. This is, because the sheer amount of money that they run through is just not plausible to be carried out genuinely.

Some of the streamers may lose upwards of $200,000 per month on their casino streams. Even with the greatest streaming numbers ever, this level of loss just isn’t sustainable for anyone, except, perhaps billionaires. This instantly makes it evident that they are not streaming in a legitimate fashion

How do they do this?

There are two possible ways that this can be carried out. Firstly, the online casino gives them cash to play with. This is in return for the streamer mentioning that this is the site they are playing at. This allows them to play pretty much forever without running out of cash, but they will find out pretty quickly they will most likely not able to withdraw any winnings they might get. 

The second way, is by playing demo versions of games, and passing them off as the real version. This isn’t as convincing as online casinos offering free cash to play with, but it’s still a way for streamers to trick players into thinking they are playing for real money. 

These two ways mean that all of the celebrations that the streamers enjoy, are ultimately fake. They don’t get legitimate wins, and it’s just a way to create excitement for the stream, and bring in viewers. This may not appear to be a bad thing at first glance, but there is a hidden problem.

Why’s it a Bad thing?

The reason that it’s a bad thing, is that it convinces players that it’s possible to spin the reels for hours at a time at the highest stake, and make a big profit. While it could happen for a few people, the vast majority would make huge losses by trying this tactic. The streamers are falsely representing the reality of the situation. 

This could convince people to play under false pretenses, and from there, they could suffer huge losses. It’s not illegal to do this, but it’s certainly an immoral way to act. Streaming fraudsters also dilute the genuine strategies for playing slots, by just approaching them in an aggressive manner.  None of this helps real slot players in the long run.