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Casino Workers’ Salary: How Much Do They Earn?

Working in casino industry is a blend of excitement, glamour, and a lot of fun. To many, taking a part of a casino is one of the best jobs. It’s a place where people go to play games and test their luck. As an employee there, you’ll get the chance to join the excitement and earn money in the process.

The pay is not small at all. The entry-level employees at casinos might make minimum wage, but this is often much improved with tips. The policy of most casinos to promote existing employees for higher level jobs instead of hiring new ones is definitely an incentive enough to give it a go. Not to mention, the benefits that come with the job are too numerous to miss out on the opportunity.

Qualifications and experience can certainly go a long way in ensuring that you get a good position at first. After all, casinos’ reputation depends greatly on the customer support and service. According to loopx, this is one of the main criteria for determining the quality of a casino.

From a coin loader or a casino table worker to a manager or VIP host, the opportunities are numerous. Such a range of job opportunities also means a big range between salaries, too.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most popular careers in the casino industry, the requirements that come with each job, and of course – the average salary in casino based on the job position.

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Casino Dealer Salary

Dealers operate table and card games on casino floors. They can either sit or stand at a table, shuffling and dispersing chips, cards, or similar props to the players. Basically, the dealer is operating the gaming equipment.

The average salary of a dealer is $10 per hour, tip excluded. Some casinos can pay a lot more and some can pay less. In the case of casino dealers, the real money lies in the tips. This depends on the casino policy and the clientele, but some dealers earn hundreds of dollars per hour in tips. In average, the tips go around $20 to $30 per hour.

Online Casino Dealer Salary

As the interest in online casinos and their free pokies machines grows among customers, so does the number of hiring opportunities. The requirements are pretty much the same as in a live casino, with an average salary that goes around $35,000 per year. Live dealers might earn a bit more as a base payment, but tipping is rarely a possibility on online gambling sites.

Casino Pit Boss Salary

Pit bosses are the people who maintain peace on the casino floor. The casino floor is also referred to as the pit. The person who works as a pit boss is basically the manager for all gaming operations in a chosen area. He supervises the employees on the floor.

Some casinos have both a pit boss and a floor manager, which has pretty much the same responsibilities. Therefore, the casino floor manager salary is much similar to that of a pit boss, which goes around $60,000 to $70,000 a year.

Casino Host Salary

Casino hosts need to possess a variety of skills from the hospitality sector, but this isn’t the only job of a casino host. The task of the host is to make people spend more money once they set foot at the casino. Some casinos even have special VIP hosts for their biggest clientele. It goes without saying that a VIP casino host salary is higher than the regular host salary in most casinos, but only slightly.

From greeting the people at the door to giving them special offers and running errands for them, the host is doing all of it. The salary is impressive, especially if you get some bonuses and tips from clients. It usually goes above $45,000 per year, tips excluded.

Casino Manager Salary

Whether it is a floor manager or a general manager, this job position is one of the high-tier positions in the casino industry. This is where you’ll aim to get if you want the upper manager positions. The earnings of managers are really versatile and depend on the actual position. A casino shift manager earns around $30,000 per year while a floor manager earns over $55,000 per year. The tasks are similar as those of the pit boss, while you’ll usually be required experience to get this position.

Casino Security Guard Salary

Security guards are the force of the casino industry. They protect the property from vandalism, theft, and other illegal activities. Most casinos don’t require any special training or education, but most importantly, you need to be in a great physical shape to do this job. Since it’s an entry-level position, it pays around $10-$20 in average per hour.

Casino Bartender Salary

Bartenders serve light snacks and drinks. They have to be extremely pleasant and good at their job since they basically work for tips. They also need to be certified by the state they work in to serve alcohol. It’s an entry-job, so some casinos accept bartenders with little to no experience. The base pay is $9 per hour, but bartenders earn more than triple from tips.

Casino Cashier Salary

Cashiers are also entry-level jobs. People who work as cashiers must be trustworthy since they continuously deal with money. So, most employers demand job experience and good references for this position. It’s low paid compared to others, around $10 per hour without the tips, but it’s a great stepping stone to a better position.

As you could see, the average wages as casino employees are not very impressive, at least not for the floor employees. However, the earnings can be much bigger if you are great at what you do. Most casino employees make a fortune in tips. In the end, it all comes down to whether or not you’re a people person, a dedicated employee, and what casino you work at.