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CatEight: Help You Study Abroad Easily

Dreaming of going to a foreign university may sound thrilling, but it is a challenging task. Think of yourself coming here and not knowing any language. One needs to be guided about the universities and courses in detail. The documentation and visa process makes it even more hectic to process further. But agencies like CatEight have made this dream more comfortable to achieve with its great solutions. No one wants to proceed for a place he doesn’t know about, but through CatEight, you can get in-depth knowledge for studying abroad. Getting direct admission to these institutes may become next to impossible without the helping hands, and this is where CatEight steps in.

CatEight is the leading solutions provider for course, visa application, and management for the institution’s bases in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. It makes the work easy by helping in the search of courses, educational institutions, and agents. Their main aim is to assist international students with visa application management. They make sure to cover everything from tip to toe, including the process of the application form, searching for courses, uploading and submitting files and documents. It also keeps others updated by posting tips and news for the course and visa application users. In this article, we will know more about the CatEight and services provided by it. So if you are the one wondering about taking admission to your dream institution, this is the place to begin with. Let your dreams come true with CatEight!

Documentation process

The whole system makes the process cost-efficient while providing strong interaction. The websites are available in English and Chinese languages with the flexibility to choose the desired language. The website offers related samples and creates automated documents for the user based on the given details. The website keeps updating itself with many innovative ideas and effective solutions by fulfilling the changing market demands. They always prioritize their customer experience to offer the best services.

Submission Method 

The students can submit their applications with course details and other documents like visa application through the agent provided by CatEight. The institutions, in return, will have access to all the applications without any fee submission. The students are free to make their own choices with approx. 30,000 courses to choose from

User File Management

The system works on a cloud application that saves the data and files online. Once the user uploads the course and application, they can store and download the data or documents at any time. You can save these on your system for further use.

Course/Institution/Agent Search

To increase user experience efficiency and provide more convenience, the data is displayed and accessible within one click instead of old card layout methods. It makes it easy for the users to compare the advantage and disadvantage of each course with the option to save their favorites. If still, the users cannot find their courses, they can also find an agent and provide them with the necessary course information to do so.

Customized search options 

The website provides you with numerous agents to select from. You can search according to their necessary information supplied by comparing in between. While searching for your institution, you can take the filters’ help like location to customize it. You can get full detail about the campus, faculties, and other necessary information. The courses vary from diploma, secondary school to English languages courses.


This was all about the solutions provided by CatEight. Their role is not limited till here. Instead, they connect the institutions and agents through an online platform. It offers better work efficiency in customer relationship management and interaction between institutions and students. The website makes files easy to access or manage by the students at any time. In return, the institutions also get the privilege of changing or updating the course data and receiving applications from students. The visa forms are also available on the website by national immigration authorities. The final documents are examined by the agents having the prior experience to avoid any mistakes. The service is fast and reliable, with all legal information available. It is simple to use and understand for beginners.