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CBD Gummies Dosage Guide – How Many CBD Gummies Can You Take?

If you are reading this, you may have the belief that you now see CBD everywhere. It is a possibility because thousands of stores now stock it. Of course, you could also be experiencing the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. It is when something you recently learned suddenly seems to appear everywhere, even in unexpected places. Also known as frequency bias, it involves first ‘noticing,’ then ‘believing’ that something happens a lot.

If this seems far-fetched, consider this: The human brain is excellent at tuning out non-relevant information. We are also susceptible to confirmation bias, which is when we confirm our own suspicions.

As far as CBD goes, we assume it is everywhere, so it stands out, even more, when we see it. Your local gas station has probably stocked cannabidiol products for months, but you are only noticing it now. Go into pet stores, CVS, and even Carl’s JR, and you will see cannabidiol on offer.

Another thing people are noticing is the popularity of CBD gummies. They are typically available in fruit flavors and taste like regular candy. You can also buy CBD gummies in different concentrations. There is also vegan cbd gummies should you live the vegan lifestyle. Some brands offer only 5mg and 10mg options. However, other brands sell 25mg, 50mg, and even 100mg ones.

One of the significant issues with CBD Products is how quick and easy they are to use. In theory and practice, you could pop five of them into your mouth in a couple of minutes. The thing is, you may feel some unexpected effects if you consume 250mg of CBD in a short period. Therefore, customers need to know how much is enough before they buy CBD gummies. Let’s find out.

CBD Gummies Dosage – Size Matters

In general, humans tolerate large doses of CBD relatively well. by Bergamaschi et al., published in Current Drug Safety in September 2011, found that people can safely consume up to 1,500mg of CBD a day. However, you could experience the following side effects if you eat too many CBD gummies in a day:

• Tiredness
• Nausea
• Diarrhea
• Appetite or weight changes
• Low blood pressure
• Dry mouth

The possible effects of CBD on an individual depends on numerous factors. However, it seems as if basing CBD dosage on your body weight is an excellent place to start. One standard recommendation is to use between 1mg and 6mg of CBD per 10 pounds of bodyweight. 1-2mg is a ‘low’ dose, 3-4mg is medium, and 5-6mg is high.

Therefore, a 140-pound person looking for a low dose of CBD would consume 14-28mg a day. In contrast, a 200-pound individual seeking a high dose would use 100-120mg of CBD daily.

As you can see, that is quite a contrast. The first person could happily use a single Premium Jane CBD gummy each day as it contains 25mg of high-quality cannabidiol. The second individual may need 4-5 gummies. On the plus side, the Premium Jane range includes 30 gummies in a pack.

Another thing to note is bioavailability. This is the absorption rate of a drug or other substance when it enters the circulation once introduced into the body. When you buy CBD gummies, you consume them orally. This provides one of the lowest absorption rates of between 4% and 20%. However, those who take this form of CBD find that its effects last longer.

Why Are You Using CBD Gummies?

Before you buy CBD gummies from a brand like CBD Nationwide, it is useful to know the purpose. This is because the dosage also depends on why you want to try the cannabinoid. Research is ongoing, but the available data suggests that cannabidiol has many potential benefits. As a result, people buy it for a wide variety of reasons. Here is a quick look at different ideas for trying CBD, and a rough dosage estimate:

Anxiety: There is a suggestion that patients with social anxiety should try up to 40mg of CBD a day. However, individuals with severe cases may need up to 300mg.

Pain: A lot depends on the severity of the pain. Most users begin with up to 20mg of CBD a day. However, bear in mind that it could take at least three weeks to feel the desired effects.

Arthritis: There are several studies on the effects of CBD on arthritis. One found that a dose of 6.2mg a day was almost as effective as a 62.3mg dose.

Type 2 Diabetes: Individuals with this condition may use up to 100mg a day.

Bowel Disease: 10mg a day, taken in two x 5mg doses.

All of the above is little more than a rough guide. You may find that CBD gummies are a good option if you need no more than 25mg a day. They come in a convenient pre-measured dose and are easy to use. Also, brands like Premium Jane ensure that their gummies taste great.