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CBS Cancels ‘BrainDead’ and ‘American Gothic’

Only 'Zoo' Will Remain in Production of the Three Original CBS Summer Series

On the heels of the three new fall series pickups comes word from CBS that summer dramas “BrainDead” and “American Gothic” will not be continuing. Both aired for only one season and only “Zoo” will remain in production of the three original scripted dramas on CBS this past summer.

“BrainDead” debuted in June to over 4.5 million viewers but lost steam throughout its13-episode run with the final episode on Sept. 11 bringing in just 2.15 million viewers. And “American Gothic” also struggled to find an audience with its highest-rated episode bringing in just under 3.6 million viewers.

“BrainDead” Robert and Michelle King are now busy with the upcoming untitled “The Good Wife” spin-off on CBS All Access.