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CBS Premieres Game Show ‘TKO: Total Knockout’

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

8:00 p.m. “The Goldbergs” (R)
8:30 p.m. “The Goldbergs” (R)
9:00 p.m. “Modern Family” (R)
9:30 p.m. “American Housewife” (R)
9:00 p.m. “Shark Tank” (R)

8:00 p.m. “Big Brother”
9:00 p.m. “TKO: Total Knockout” (series premiere)
10:00 p.m. “Code Black”

8:00 p.m. “America’s Got Talent”
10:00 p.m. “Reverie”

8:00 p.m. “MasterChef”
9:00 p.m. “Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back”

8:00 p.m. “The Outpost”
9:00 p.m. “The Originals”

8:00 p.m. “Earth’s Natural Wonders” (season premiere)
9:00 p.m. “Kingdoms of the Sky” (series premiere)
10:00 p.m. “NOVA” (R)

Of Note on Cable of Digital:
-“The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu, 3:01 a.m. ET): season finale
-“Buying and Selling” (HGTV, 9 p.m. ET): summer season premiere
-“Catfish: The TV Show” (MTV, 9 p.m. ET): summer season premiere
-“Bobcat Goldwait’s Misfits & Monsters” (truTV, 10 p.m. ET): series premiere
-“Caribbean Pirate Treasure” (Travel Channel, 10 p.m. ET): season finale
-“Dr. Pimple Popper” (TLC, 10 p.m. ET): series premiere
-“Hollywood Love Story” (Viceland, 10 p.m. ET): series premiere
-”Junkyard Empire” (Velocity, 10 p.m. ET): season premiere
-“Tattoo Age” (Viceland, 10 p.m. ET): season premiere

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman has been writing professionally since 1999 and is the author of the “Mr. Television” for Campaign US ( Most recently, Berman was the creator and Editor-in-Chief of website and newsletter TV Media Insights for Cross MediaWorks. From 1999-2011, he was the Senior Editor for Mediaweek and has also written for The New York Daily News, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Emmy Magazine, among others. Berman has also appeared on “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood,” “Inside Edition,” “The CBS Evening News,” E!, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and MSNBC.

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  1. DVR
    I’ve seen the commercial for the horrible freak fest that seems to be “Dr. Pimple Popper.” All I can say is, how desperate are you for your 15 minutes of “fame??” that you’ll stand in front of a camera and say, “I’m Dr. Pimple Popper?” Ugh, awful.