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Celebrities Investing in CBD Oil

One of the hottest things going on in Hollywood right now is CBD oil. The “magic” elixir that can help people achieve all sorts of things from better sleep and muscle pain relief to a sense of calm and focus is a bandwagon that many celebrities from movies and television, music, sports and more have jumped on wholeheartedly.

These celebrities are going beyond just touting the benefits of CDB oil though. Visiting would be ideal if you want to learn about the benefits of CBD.. Many are putting their money where their mouths are and actually investing in CDB oil and related companies. These celebs, who have lots of money and investment opportunity, can put their money in a lot of different places but many of them believe CBD oil to be the wave of the future. Check out this CBD study.

Here are some of the most notable celebrities who are investing in CBD oil.

Snoop Dogg
One of the first names that comes to mind when you think of cannabis and cannabis-related products is the rapper, Snoop Dogg. Since the early 1990s, Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus has been extolling the benefits of cannabis and, as it has become legal in different forms around the country, he has been a leader in investing in cannabis-related products and capitalizing on the boom financially. In the last few years he has started a cannabis products company called “Leafs By Snoop” and, more interestingly, started a digital media platform called “Merry Jane”. This site is dedicated to all things cannabis and has great articles on a number of subjects including the benefits of CBD oil.

Whoopi Goldberg
Definitely NOT the second name you would associate with cannabis but comedian and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg is a big investor in the cannabis and CBD space as well. Her company, Whoopi & Maya, is a partnership between herself and Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles. They make a range of cannabis-related products that specialize in and are specifically designed to relieve menstrual discomfort in women. This is something Whoopi is very passionate about. In an interview with USA Today back when she founded the company in 2016, she said, “I want to go nice and slow with this. I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women.”

Seth Rogan
The actor has made his name by making a handful of “stoner comedies” over the years but he is much more serious about CBD, cannabis, and the overall physical and mental health benefits they provide than most people realize. Rogan has mentioned his affinity for CBD products many times both in interviews and on social media. He believes that there is a wide range of uses for CBD as explained by CBDKyro in this article. He has even founded a CBD company called “Houseplant” in his home company of Canada with his childhood friend and collaborator, Evan Goldberg.

Mandy Moore
The actress made a big splash in 2018 when she mentioned the CBD company she partners with Lord Jones on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. At the time, she said that CBD lotion was what was helping her recover from the pressure that being in high heels puts on her feet during awards season. She since has become an ambassador for CBD oil and has talked extensively about this and a host of other benefits that comes with the CBD she loves from Mother Jones.

Rob Gronkowski
The former NFL tight end is known for a lot of things. Being boisterous, catching touchdowns and spiking everything from footballs to a bust of Steve Harvey on New Year’s Eve. One thing he has done but is less known for is saving his $50+ million in career earnings for use after his playing days were done. With that nest egg, the former New England Patriot invested in a CBD company called CBD Medic. They make a topical CBD cream primarily used for pain relief that Gronkowski and his family use for their aches and pains. The cream works the same way as the best CBD oils, which you can find out about on Giftwits list of 20 best CBD oils.

Mike Tyson
Another athlete that you may not think of when you think if HEALING pain is the infamous boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson. For years, he was one of the most feared people ever to step into a ring. Today, he has taken his love of cannabis and the positive effects of CBD and created a company out of it. Tyson is currently building a cannabis farm about 50 miles outside of Los Angeles and he also has created CopperGel, a CBD brand focused on healing athlete’s pain. Iron Mike sells creams, lotions, oils, and sprays, all designed to help athletes recover better and have less pain through CBD.

Gene Simmons
The notorious frontman of the rock band KISS is known for investing in all types of products and slapping a KISS logo on almost anything. Now, even though he claims to have never smoked pot even once, he is investing in cannabis and CBD in a big way. One of his biggest investments is in the Canadian grower Invictius. The singer told CNNMoney, “I’ve got $10 million wrapped up in the stock because I believe in it. For me, it’s a business move.”

These are just a few of the celebrities who are lending their name, fame, and money to the cannabis and CBD industries. There are plenty of others as well. Famous pot-centric personalities like Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and even the estate of the late Bob Marley are creating companies in this space. Other celebs who just believe in the benefits are joining in as well. Talk show host Montel Williams, actor Michael J. Fox, and singer Melissa Etheridge are just a few more of the big names who are heavily invested in the industry.

As the industry grows and more and more companies pop up in the space, there will be plenty of opportunities for investors to make a lot of money whether they are famous or not. Following where the celebrity money goes is a good way for the average person to find out what the hot new investment opportunities in the industry are.