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Championship in FIFA World Cup 2022 – Who Will be the King This Time in Qatar

For football fans around the world, the most exciting thing currently must the the World Cup. Even with controversy, scandal, scrutiny, corruption, gender discrimination and no Haaland, it is still a great festival on this planet, best time to celebrate every 4 years. So just leave your life behind, and enjoy 2022 FIFA World Cup with you friends now!

Without any doubts, once again the most attractive aspect on World Cup must be the final winner? Who will bring the honor back to his region? I am not the octopus so prediction may not the part of my work, but I bet that you’re ready to pop champagne for team you support. Thus, let’s have a quick look about different groups in 2022 FIFA World Cup this time.



Most of football fans did not look this team well besides their own people. The main problem is about the core players’ performances did not as good as he showed before. I did not believe La Tri can be a dark horse.


The World Cup host, create the coldest World Cup ever, and I do believe  that this time the most popular World Cup soundtrack is All I Want for Christmas is You.

But things are opposite on the Southern Hemisphere, congrats you have a summer World Cup, just enjoy it with Santa! 


Sadio Mané, amazing man, core player, lead his team win the first Africa Cup of Nations title. Can not wait to his show on World Cup.




The great Three Lions, epic history, retired David Beckham. I hope this team can make a bran new change in Qatar. 

If the World Cup can be hosted early, maybe you can still see an old lady in the audience, now the teammate can not feel the Queen’s blessing any more, dropped some chances to the final. Though it did not work previously as well.


It’s been 64 years, the Wales back to World Cup stage. It’s a quite long time, hope they can have a good result in this journey.

The only unfortunate is they miss the opportunity to meet the Queen Elizabeth second time on World Cup after over 60 years.


Team with a young and energetic core of players, they have accomplished plenty already at Europe’s top clubs. Just wait and see they performance.




It sad to know that this time is Lionel Messi’s last World Cup, the only thing he need for his amazing career is a World Cup champ, enjoy his last dance.

By the way if you guys do not know, a very famous video game FIFA 23 has already predicted that Argentina would be the final winner, and this video game’s prediction never missed before. Anyway I already put my money on Argentina, Messi, please do not let me down.


It is hard to believe that Mexico can get far this time. Consider the performance in the last seven straight World Cups and also with injury issues, I hope Mexico fans can have fun.


The core player Robert Lewandowski is the key to Poland, the pressure this time is much mroe heavy than previous, hope they can do a good job. Especially against Germany, try you best drag them slower this time.

Saudi Arabia

I think you can not overrated the second-lowest ranked team with barely no core players in the World Cup, but why did not buy Haaland for Saudi Arabia this time? they do have capacity and money!




The team from Land Down Under, five times straight World Cup appearance, strong like a kangaroo but not too much wise.

One thing need to mention is there are 17 players who is the first time come up to the World Cup stage, absolutely unpredictable, can’t wait to see them. 

Tip for coach, prepare more Vegemite sandwich and TimTam for them, they can do better in field.


Christian Eriksen is back!  what can I said, go to create your miracle! Time to dance!


It is hard to say Tunisia is a bad team, but it do need some fortunes, so next time buy some fortune cookies before World Cup, get some suggestions and may be can break the history of group-stage exits


Even without any World Cup champs in the last 60 years, France is always regarded as a powerful team around the world. The point it how to beat themselves and break the rules.



Costa Rica

I remember last time Costa Rica has done a very good job in the group, how about repeat the history this time? 


I believe this time Germany is ready for the revenge from the nightmare in 2018 World Cup, good luck France and Poland.


The glory from Asia, one of the best Asian Football team ever, but how it going to performance in World Cup 2022? It’s hard to predict.


Championship in World Cup 2010, just like lots of people said, never underestimate a champ’s heart, I can’t wait to see the bullfighter’s dance!




Belgian Red Devils is an absolutely massive outstanding team, aggressive and hungry, I can even see the hell fire inside their eyes. I guarantee that they will burn everything on their way to the final in World Cup 2022!

As for the champ, I already pull my money on Argentina. I trust FIFA 23 AI anyway.


A young team as well, but it’s hard to say how they performance. Maybe can bring us surprise.


2018 World Cup runner-up, led by the best midfield in golden generation, absolutely amazing team.


I hate to say that but it is really hopeless for Morocco, but I do hope to witness some greatness, like Morocco beat up everything.




The things I really want to see are whether Neymar can create more diving arts, and how many scores they can get on Germany this time.


Nearly 20 years since Cameroon won a match on World Cup, hope this time can be impressive. 


Amazing attacking capability, but they do need some balance.


The team who kicked France out on Euros, have a great game with Italy on World Cup qualifying, it is hard to believe they can not be great this time.




As the lowest-ranked team in the World Cup 2022, it is already a great achievement they can step on this stage. Hope they can enjoy this journey, no matter win or loss, they all the winners in their lives.

South Korea

The whole Korea people should knee for Son Heung-min, due to his ability, this time they finally do not have to buy all football referees any more.


With Cristiano Ronaldo, it going to be a very good team in World Cup 2022. But it is hard to say it can be the final champ, they need FIFA 23 Predictions maybe.


I can’t believe that the team with Luis Suárez and Diego Godín have possibility on group out, it is a strong team, just wait and see it.

Aforementioned messages are the quick guides on the groups in World Cup 2022, hope you can enjoy this performance.

By the way the video game I mentioned in the guide named FIFA 23, in this game you can build you epic World Cup team with some game currency like FIFA 23 Coins, and win the champ in your own way. If you have interest on FIFA 23, it is good to try now, and don’t forget buying Haaland.