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Changing Dynamics In PowerPoint Presentations

The world of PowerPoint presentations is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques to make your presentations stand out. 

The traditional ways of presentation are changing. Professionals are always at the helm of technology and constantly finding new methods to engage their audience better. They are relentlessly searching for a PowerPoint template for business that serves their purpose just right. 

With Microsoft PowerPoint constantly introducing new features, templates, and tools, the platform has proved to be a major firepower for a business professional regarding presentations.

a) Enter Smartphones & Tabs Epoch

Professionals are keen to develop a rapport with the audience; to do so, they are shifting towards smartphones & tabs. The PowerPoint’s presence on smartphones and tabs in the form of an app has been a key boon for these professionals.

With the PPT app on the phone, the presenter usually passes on the smartphone to the audience or shares the presentation with the audience, and they can go through the given slide or slides back and forth.

Such interactions are seen to be very effective as this ‘interactive’ element is something that keeps the audience immersed in the slides.

If you are worried about the audience wanting to jump from one slide to another, you can always use the hyperlink feature and connect two related slides so that they can browse through relevant stuff easily. In fact, this helps the audience seek information by moving to the slides they really want to see and skipping other slides that do not interest or concern them. Professionals add this option more often these days since it puts the audience at ease.

b) Smartphone as a Remote to Switch Slides

It might not seem like a gargantuan feature, but that’s another cool smartphone feature.  Apps like PPT Remote, PowerPoint OpenOffice Remote, Gmote, etc., are available, enabling professionals to use their smartphones to leap from one slide to another. A smartphone allows the user to change the slides and trigger the animations while walking freely around. Ready-to-use animated PowerPoint templates are perfect for creating such animations in your presentations.

c) ‘Interactive Element’ with 3D Business PowerPoint Presentation Templates

3D technology has been on the market for quite some time, but it was introduced recently in Microsoft. 3D tools in PowerPoint presentations are turning out to be a rage amongst business professionals. 3D models can make the presentation very intriguing. Interesting 3D business PowerPoint templates are lifting the delivery experience altogether. Microsoft has integrated AR (augmented reality) features into PowerPoint. With these features, professionals can fill their slides with 3D models. They can explain better by offering a 360-degree perspective of any product they want to demonstrate. There are a number of 3D templates available with Microsoft PowerPoint.

The newer versions of PowerPoint let the user insert the in-built 3D models from its stock. If the existing ones do not match the requirements, then the user can choose to surf the internet and download the 3D models. Once you have the model on your slide, you can rotate it freely. It becomes more interesting when professionals apply stimulating animation techniques to these 3D models.

Since the 3D model feature is new for Microsoft PowerPoint, enhancements are expected with new releases. It’s going to get even better.

It’s all about the ‘interactive’ factor you have to offer. The user can swipe the images and zoom in and out at his convenience.


Professionals are becoming smarter by the day. They understand that they have to bring in innovative techniques that improve their delivery style, make the presentation more effective, and improve the overall experience for the audience.

 The above-mentioned ideas are great ways to leverage technology and go beyond just sharing information.