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ChatGPT Prompts That Every Programmer Must Know

From “What day is it today?” to “How much does Saturn weigh?”, ChatGPT can answer every question it asks in just a few seconds. 

This language model can perform various tasks such as writing a poem, solving a math problem, or making a normal conversation using human-like responses. 

The questions asked to ChatGPT or the instructions given to it are called prompts. They serve as a starting point for the conversation and help users complete their desired tasks.

If given the proper prompts, it can tell you what exercise you should do to bulk yourself or how an instructor must teach. Just like that, it can help programmers too in software development, fixing a bug or even explaining a topic of their choice.

What are The Different Prompts to Help a Budding Programmer?

  1. A/B Testing 

A/B Testing is a method of determining which web page or ad post is working better by changing one variable. This method can help to monitor the conversion rate and result in better web page performance.

Users can provide prompts like “Compare A and B on the basis of (response time/landing page/processing speed).”

There are such ChatGPT prompts for Marketing as well to assist marketers in exploring various marketing ideas. Marketers can ask ChatGPT to give feedback on a product and ask about trends and customer requirements to gather valuable insights.

  1. Explanations

ChatGPT is like that buddy who explains everything in great detail and makes sure you’ve understood it. If asked about explaining any topic, ChatGPT will give an elaborate answer. 

To understand a specific topic, the prompt can be given as follows:

“Explain (a specific topic) from (name of the chapter).”

  1. Syntax

Programmers, while working on different languages at once, often forget the syntax of a few languages. ChatGPT can assist programmers in understanding the right way of using syntax by giving examples.

“What is the correct syntax for (a particular topic) in (whatsoever programming language)?”

  1. Debugging

Identifying the bug in the codes written can be a time-consuming task for us but ChatGPT can do the same in just a few seconds if given the right prompt.

Fix the following (name of the programming language) code which is about (the particular function of it). (add the code snippet)

  1. Generate New Code

Lacking the motivation to start coding from scratch? ChatGPT can do that for you!

You can use the prompt “Generate code snippet for (a specific task)”. You can always ask ChatGPT to customize the generated response according to your needs.

  1. Learn about New Resources

Learning is a lifelong journey for all of us. Using the right prompt like “Suggest me some valuable resources to expand my programming skills”, you can get access to many articles, tutorials and maybe some coding challenges to help you grow your skills.

  1. Testing Tools for Your Code

Every programmer needs to check the quality of their code before making them accessible to everyone. With ChatGPT, you can ask for tools to check the reliability of your code using the prompt, “Recommend me some checking tools for (the particular code of a programming language)”. 

Using the tools suggested by ChatGPT, you can ensure the code’s quality, remove bugs and reliability.

  1. Code Completion

Writer’s block is common in programmers too. To complete what you started or to fill the gaps between your codes, you can use ChatGPT. 

The prompt to help you with this would be “Complete the (language) code given using the data below ensuring (the specific change you would like to make).


In conclusion, if given the right prompts, ChatGPT can help professionals in any field by providing relevant information. 

From code creation to debugging to explaining a topic, ChatGPT can be very useful to programmers. The prompts discussed above are just a few illustrative examples. As a programmer, you can always try and experiment with ChatGPT to figure out the most appropriate prompts for your projects.