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Cheap Windows VPS from WindowsVPS.Host

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a top-rated hosting service that virtualization technology on servers with many users to provide private resources to you. It offers better security and a more stable solution than shared hosting, in which case there is no server space dedicated to just one user. It is also smaller in scale and costs lesser than having to rent the whole server.

Usually, the website owners with moderate traffic levels surpass the maximum amount of shared hosting plans and do not need a private server’s resources to choose VPS Hosting. 

Windows VPS: Cheap and Powerful

A virtual private server offers a platform between expensive private servers and mass-market servers. A windows VPS offers Active Page servers and C programmers more power for computing without the stress of overlooking a private server. While most VPS providers only offer Linux-based plans, you have to go through many researches to get yourself a Windows package. However, to make it easier for you, here is a list to help you ascend your traffic with less expense.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting offers cheap and powerful US Windows VPS that are unmetered. Powerful Dual E5 CPU drives on RAID Array hosts the VPS and are powered by the Hyper V- Technology.

The VPS plans come in five categories:

  • Small – 1 Processor, 2 GB Memory, 25 GB Storage Space, and Unlimited Bandwidth at $ 6 per month.
  • Medium – 2 Core Processor, 4 GB Memory, 45 GB Storage Space, and Unlimited Bandwidth at $ 10 per month.
  • Wow – 3 Core Processor, 8GB Memory, 85 GB Storage Space, and Unlimited Bandwidth at $ 19 per month.
  • Deluxe – 4 Core Processor, 16 GB Memory, 125 GB Storage Space, and Unlimited Bandwidth at $ 36 per month.
  • Platinum – 5 Core Processor, 32 GB Memory, 235 GB Storage Space, and Unlimited Bandwidth at $ 65 per month.

Some of the features of are:

  1. Hyper-V Power – you will find an increase in stability, which is one of the profits of the compartmentalization that the Hyper-V brings.
  2. Powerful Hardware – the VPS providers run on Intel Dual Xeon Processor that provides many cores, and you can also have them attached to their SSD RAID10 array.
  3. Access of Administrator – the VPS servers provide complete Admin Access to install any services and programs you want.
  4. Super Fast Connection – the 1GBps port speed in every Windows VPS allows you to transfer your files without facing any problems.
  5. Immediate Setup – your server will be set up almost instantaneously after your payment is booming, and you will receive your details through the mail.
  6. Windows License – even the latest version of Windows Server will have the operating system license.
  7. Control Panel – for ease of managing, your Windows VPS will have an advanced control panel and contain a 24/7one click login from which the client is either reboot or reinstall.
  8. Numerous Locations – offers multiple locations such as Texas, California, New York, Missouri, and Illinois.

Why use Windows VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting uses Windows technology which provides various advantages for users, preferably businesses. Some of the benefits can be mentioned as:

Advantages of VPS

Including the cost of savings, the main advantage of VPS hosting is the scalability and increase in resources. This is because the existence of VPS is in a virtual state, and you can augment it as you desire quickly. If your company is in a state of instability and doubts the amount of web traffic you need to plan, then VPS hosting is ideal for you. You can upgrade to a bigger pool of resources using a simple process. 

Generally, there is a boost in receiving resources from shared hosting. There is also an increase in the bandwidth and more flexibility, allowing companies to set up various streaming and media services without fear of the site crashing or a slow response for the customers. The increase of data storage space helps deal with the increasing amount of the database you require.

Benefits of Big Brands

VPS hosting that uses Windows interface and Windows Server Management Tools provide their advantages. Microsoft, which has been available for a long time, allows Windows VPS hosting to offer software.

The brand is significant mainly because of its experience, allowing it to understand the clients’ needs and the time it has had over the years to uproot the issues that have been causing problems and developing solutions for the servers. The resources they use are also problematic for other competitors to achieve.

The results you receive are the advanced software and the guides, customer care, and tutorial options that will help in understanding the system and how you can benefit from it. 

Business Work

Another significant advantage of using Windows VPS hosting is the relationship between windows operating systems and different businesses. Most companies work in a windows-only environment, and they only use windows software and documents to complete various numbers of tasks. 


Windows VPS also provides a more flexible and adjustable option for the administrators. Having the experience of customizing the products for many business markets, Microsoft can figure out the aims and goals that a business wants to achieve. It provides a broader array of functions that can be very useful for specialists who wish to arrange their website’s resources for some particular requirements.