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Checklist to Create a Successful Website

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For the past almost 2 decades, the internet has changed the human lifestyle. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone with internet access. So a website is necessary for all types of businesses to maintain a digital presence. You can hire ReactJS developers to get a smoothly functioning and appealing website that helps to get attention in the competitive market.

There are so many other things also that a business needs to consider to get desired success. If you are wondering what is the “Checklist to Create a Successful Website” then you have come to the right place.

Today we are going to share a proven catalog to build a robust and scalable web solution. Let’s get started!

Checklist to Create a Successful Website

To build a successful web solution, the best way is to follow the SDLC steps. If you are thinking about what SDLC is, then not to worry, we have got you covered. This abbreviation stands for Software Development Life Cycle. Before proceeding to the checklist, let’s have a look at the SDLC for a better understanding of website building. 

Purpose of Software Development Life Cycle – a structured process that allows the creation of high-quality, low-cost solutions in a minimum timeframe. The basic purpose of SDLC is to build robust software that meets business and targeted customer needs. 

Importance of SDLC 

  • To provide a standard framework that defines work. 
  • To assist in project planning, cost estimation, work, and delivery.
  • To track and control project development easily.
  • To increase visibility in development.
  • To increase the development speed.
  • To improve client relations and management.

Benefits of Software Development Life Cycle 

  • Software Security
  • Early Error Detection 
  • Cost Reduction 
  • Business Risk Reduction

Now, let’s move ahead and get back to the main course meal ‘checklist to create a successful website’.

These are some of the very important steps a business must consider to get a great web solution. No matter if you are going to develop the website on your own or hire a software development company. It is necessary to follow the below-mentioned steps to get the desired outcomes in the long run. So without any further delay, let’s read about the checklist required to create an advanced website.

Steps (Checklist) To Follow For A Successful Web Development

Web Development Planning – The first step to building a powerful website that could compete with other businesses and generate positive results is ‘Planning’ once the goal is clear, it becomes easy to chase the objective. It also helps to define the right path towards success.

On the other hand, there are more chances to run here and there without a defined goal and planning. Both a business and developers need to create a plan and match it with the end goal to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Requirements Analysis – To prepare a result-oriented plan, it is necessary to know the requirements of the business. So invest time and effort to create web development requirement analysis to show it to the developers.

A brief requirement analysis helps a web development team to think in the right direction and craft the best solution. A documented business requirement analysis also helps to understand the tech industry jargon so that you can understand and explain business needs in an effective way. 

Design and Prototyping – Once both the parties (client and development firm) complete the first 2 stages, the development process starts. The first step of web development is web design. When the design is prepared and gets final approval from the client and development team, the prototyping work starts.

During the design and prototype stage, there are so many things that need to be considered. For instance – theme, color, font, button, form, image, graphics, etc. along with the size and placement position.    

Software Development – Here comes the main step, the web development phase. When a design team delivers the web design, the web developers start the coding. This step consumes the maximum amount of time and effort. In general, there are 2 teams that work simultaneously, front-end developers and back-end developers.

For a successful web development solution, it is important to choose the right programming language to get visible results. Also, remember to hire developers who are skilled and knowledgeable with frameworks. 

Implementation & Integration – When the web development stage completes, the team works on code implementation and feature integration on the live project to see if everything goes well based on the requirements. In this step, the entire work is aligned in sync to craft the final product.  

Software Testing – Once the web development project is completed, the entire project undergoes manual and automation software testing to ensure there is no error or bugs. Also, to make sure the website is ready for the final launch.

This stage plays a very crucial role as software testing helps a development team to know if they have developed the site based on the client’s requirements. During the testing phase, minor or major bugs can be easily detected and eliminated.

Operations & Maintenance – When a software application clears all of the above-mentioned steps, a complete website is ready. The development team simultaneously works on the maintenance of the website. This means a dedicated developers team consistently focuses on the maintenance to ensure that the site doesn’t break in operations.

So these are the steps needed to be followed to obtain a great web development solution.

Top Features To Consider In Website Development

Have a look at these features to consider in your next web development project: – 

  • Aesthetic – As said ‘First Impression Is Last’ similarly, the looks and feel of the website matter a lot to attract customers. From color choice to font style, everything matters when it comes to aesthetics. So pay attention to the aesthetics of your website. 
  • Smooth Functionality – No doubt beauty attracts but core service cannot be ignored meanwhile. So smooth functioning along with a good aesthetic is equally important. 
  • Web & Mobile Friendly – A website must be optimized properly to ensure that the site works properly on both mobile and web. As a business, you never know what device a customer might be using.  
  • Easy-To-Use – The most important factor a business must consider is easy-to-use so that every type of customer can access the website without any problem and use the services. 
  • Unique & Engaging Content – Although users are more likely to get attracted by images, still the content cannot be ignored. So get unique and engaging content that aligns with user needs and impresses and attracts them effectively. 
  • CTA (Call To Action) – It is very important to use the CTA button but it is more important to place the buttons in the right place. This helps a business to get conversion easily and don’t waste the time of users when looking for a service or product. 
  • Digital Security – In the modern tech-driven world, it is very important to pay attention to digital security. As there is a huge risk of data being stolen. So don’t take your business or customer privacy or data privacy lightly. 
  • Analytics Results – To ease your business efforts, invest in analytics. As it is easy to understand things with analytics. Also, analytics helps to render better results in no time and with less effort. 


With billions of online users, a business cannot prefer to remain offline. In fact, these days people often look for information, products, or services on the internet. In simple words, the market or business trends have changed as user preferences have changed. A website has become an integral part of business success.So if you wish to get desired outcomes in dating products, then hire a dating app development company. Also, do not forget to follow the checklist and features in web development.