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Choosing Glasses That Complement Your Beard Style

Facial hair helps in changing your look and altering your face shape. Do you know what else is able to change your natural symmetry? Glasses. Yes, that’s right. What we mean to say is that if you have both of these things on your face, you have to make sure that both your face shape and beard are complementing your frame style including motorcycle sunglasses on your collection.

Ever wonder why your glasses don’t suit you even when you have picked the perfect frame that goes with your facial structure. It’s probably because they are not in harmony with your beard. Just as much attention you pay to your hairstyle and face shape when buying a new pair of glasses, do the same with your beard style. However if you are not a fan of wearing eyeglasses, you can get your contact lens from

In this guide, you will learn which is the best beard style for every face shape and frame style.

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How to measure your face shape?

It’s best to know which face shape category you fall into before you purchase eyewear. Even if you are buying prescription or reading glasses online, paying attention to your face shape will help you pick out the best frame.

Try to measure the following areas of your face.

Length: Measure from your chin up to the middle of your hairline.

Cheeks: Measure from the outer part of your cheekbone that falls right below your outer eye. Measure it up all the way to the other cheekbone.

Jaw: Start from the bottom of your chin all the way to your ear. Multiply the number by 2 so you get the total measurement for both sides.

Forehead: Measure from one eyebrow end all the way to the other.

Glasses for men with beard

Finding the right beard style for your face shape is complicated in itself. Whether you are buying designer frames or screen glasses. you have to make sure that both your face shape and beard are complementing your frame style. We will save you a few hours of your precious time. Read ahead to know which glasses work best depending on your face.

Square face

Show off that strong chiseled jawline with beard styles that are short from the sides but fuller on your chin. Try a circle beard or petite goatee with round wide-rimmed glasses to soften your sharp angular features. You may as well go for browline glasses to bring more focus on the upper part of your face. Round lenses will give an illusion of length to your profile.

Oval face shape

It seems that the oval face is the universal blood type of everything. Yes, EVERYTHING! You can rock any type of beard or frame style. Prefer a goatee or royal beard? Go for it!  Your perfectly balanced facial features will shine through everything. However, do not go for long beard styles as they will make your face appear longer and more narrow. Coming to frames, oval glasses are the best choice for your oval face. But, you will look dapper in a pair of aviators or oversized glasses too. If you don’t want to alter the perfect natural symmetry of your face, go for transparent frames or titanium glasses for men. They have a minimalistic appeal and keep the focus on your best features.

Round face

Slim down your face with a patch of beard on your chin. Keeping full growth on the chin with neatly trimmed sides will get attention to your angles and elongate your round structure.

Try the same angular shapes in glasses as well. Classic wayfarer frames or square glasses are the perfect examples of glasses for a round face. Any frame that brings attention to your angles instead of the roundness will do the job.

Rectangular face

Keep your beard short around the chin and longer on the sides to show off your robust facial features. Mutton chop style or a little chin strap are some cool beard styles for people with a rectangular face.

When you are buying designer glasses online, always look for something in a round silhouette. Try browline glasses or colored lenses to bring focus to the middle of your face.

Oblong face

Grow a full beard that covers more of your face and hides the length. You want your face to appear more rounded so you better choose wide frames with detailing on the arms to get more attention to your face width than length.

Whatever glasses or beard style you choose, make sure you are feeling the best in them. Beard grooming kits are also a great product to consider if you’d like to style your beard to work better with your choice of glasses. There’s always something out there for bearded men and It’s easy to be confident in your look when you know that you’ve made the right choice.

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