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Chris Hardwick to Return at NBC

NBC announced on July 31 that Chris Hardwick, host of the network’s game show “The Wall”, will return to its airwaves. He will appear as a guest judge on the Aug. 7 episode of “America’s Got Talent”. In addition, the third season of “The Wall” will resume production (with Hardwick continuing as it’s host) in the fall.

For the past several weeks, NBC had conducted an investigation into Hardwick since a June 2018 online item from actress Chloe Dykstra (Hardwick’s former girlfriend) had been published claiming his sexual misconduct and boorish behavior towards her. Hardwick, who had been cut from several panels at this year’s Comic-Con, denied all of Dykstra’s allegations.

AMC recently announced that it had completed its own investigation into the Hardwick claims and thus, reinstated him as host of “The Walking Dead” post-show, “Talking Dead.”