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Christopher Lee, WNY Holdings Marketing Manager, Breaks Down Why Your Business Needs to Add UX to Its Brand Strategy

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Whether a business is a start-up or has been in operation for multiple years, a similarity company owners share at any stage of development is the want to make sure that their organization thrives long term. A key to ensuring a promising future for any business is quality user and consumer experience. User experience design services, or quality of experience or reaction to user interaction with a business’ service, website, app, products, or device, is what helps to shape a company’s brand, and a brand image plays a role in where a company falls in the market today and for the days ahead. 

Christopher Lee, WNY Holdings LLC employee, works as the company’s Marketing Manager and specializes in business-unique marketing strategies that incorporate customer focus. Lee points out that one experience consumers are utilizing more than ever in today’s world is companies’ websites, which adds to brand building, especially when the pandemic pushed the majority of the market online. While analyzing different strategy angles, Lee goes deeper into why your business brand strategy needs to incorporate UX to secure a more stable future. 

Understanding How to Utilize UX

UX is an excellent tool to better understand how to connect a business’s target audience to its products or services. It can be a gateway to filling in the blanks for what consumers need and how a company can deliver those needs so that users will come back for more. Ultimately, good UX means more customer interactions with your brand, more conversations around your brand, and a boost in revenue

The UX process helps you make decisions on what your company needs compared to not when trying to reach consumers. Analyzing UX can draw attention to realities such as the majority of your consumers interact and shop through your Instagram account compared to your Facebook account. That might lead you to alter your digital marketing and brand strategy and invest more in Instagram ads rather than Facebook ads since your audience is already more active and likely to develop more on Instagram, further expanding brand awareness. 

Incorporating UX into Brand Strategy

Both brand strategy and UX involve a necessary level of planning and creating to reach an end goal. It is your customers who grow your product or service use and help build and increase your business’ following, which generates brand awareness. Adding UX into brand strategy consists of prioritizing the needs and wants of the user over other personally driven ideas on how to build a brand. Other aspects of UX integrated into brand strategy include taking note of the users and how interactive design, wireframes, and site structure and architecture best appeal to consumers. Designing a website or app around what the user wants will lead to better UX and brand recognition. 

“Great brand strategy includes UX and recognizes that it is not about what the company imagines a brand to be at the end of the day. The focus is instead on understanding what the user wants, who is the competition, and then strategizing around how to deliver a product or service best to stand out to the consumer and above the competition,” said Christopher Lee, WNY Holdings Marketing Manager.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee of WNY Holdings LLC is a Marketing Manager dedicated to customer-focused digital marketing and assists clients with all their digital marketing needs, from content marketing, web, and graphic design, media creation, SEO, all the way to Facebook advertising. The company was started in 2018 and continues to provide tailored marketing strategies for small businesses.